Weight limits

Was driving the other day in a 26t
Came across a mgw bridge with a 25t limit, I was only weighing around 14 tonne at the time so would I be able to cross as I’m under weight? Or is it purely to keep lorries from using it as a cut through

Surely it’s a weight limit…

If the bridge says 25t max and your in a 26t even if your not loaded and well below 25t you can still get done for going over it m8.

My understanding is that it is the maximum plated weight for the vehicle that matters, not its actual weight at the time. So if you were driving a 26t truck then you would not have been allowed across a 25t restricted bridge.

However, I’m new to the game so I could be wrong…

It’s based on your plated weight not actual weight at time so whilst you may be well under your vehicle is still a 26t. I drive one and annoying as it is I have to drive round 17t and 18t restrictions even though I know I’m under that weight

Its about time the 17 and 25 limits were changed to accommodate the 18 and 26 tonners we now have as that is why they were those limits in the first place

That’s what I thought, had a massive detour round and reversed about 3/4 mile up to the site, thanks for the advice :slight_smile: