Richard Johnson and Nephew

Boy did they like their Fodens?
When I came back from Oz in about '69 I did a summer for W.E.Andrews and
Son (now Clearways) running a night trunk from Nottingham up to Kelloggs at
Trafford Park, and shared the road with dozens of those green wagons. No
caffs on that road, well, there was one which is now a private house opposite
a quarry, but we were all a very friendly bunch - waves and smiles in both
directions. That was when lorry drivers were nice to each
other. :unamused: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That Via Gellia can be a scary road road for the uninitiated especially in winter,
but Johnsons used to fly round all those bends.

they are cracking pictures, cheers for sharing them

Those are superb pictures, thanks. The first two are amazingly good quality.

I think these are from an age when you had to be a REAL MAN to drive a truck like that. I remember reading somewhere years ago, an old boy reminiscing about his days driving an old Foden like these, he said he kept half a potato on the dash to wipe the windscreen when it froze over!!

What was the form with the gearboxes in those days, when did synchromesh come in? I would imagine a lot of double-declutching was involved…

And roping and sheeting! I learnt that craft while working for a Yorkshireman about 18 years ago, none of that fancy curtainside rubbish!!! I used to run into a lot of engineering factories like the old David Browns in Huddersfield, where the old boys would call shout out ‘Now then, carriage driver!’…

they are cracking pictures, cheers for sharing them

Not a problem.Most of the pleasure I get from posting the pics is reading the comments by you guys. :wink: