Recommendations for a laptop and internet please

I have now entered the 21st Century so have decided to ditch my portable TV which is as big as a suitcase, ditch the DVD player which is as big as a shoebox and ditch all the maps !!! All I need now is a laptop to replace that lot, but I haven’t got a clue what to buy. All I want to do is watch the odd DVD, surf the net and watch TV (either on the iplayers or through an aerial and correct program). I dont need to store music or pics.
I have looked at the free laptop offers with broadband but when you work out total costs its cheaper to buy the laptop and then sort out the broadband yourself. I would try the WI-FI route but haven’t got any idea about coverage so am thinking about a broadband contract (I don’t have a mobile phone).
So basically, are there any laptop manufacturers to stay away from ? and what would you recommend I need to get up and running ?
(No technical talk, keep it simple).

In my experience you can’t go wrong with a Dell, if you buy via t’internet you can customise the specification to your requirements, and usually the price is very reasonable. Only downside is their bangalore call centre. If money is no object then go for an Apple Macbook, fantastic pieces of kit that puts windows to shame. Spec wise i’d wouldn’t go for anything with less than a 15" screen, 2gb ram, 250gb hard disk, integrated wireless, and a DVD/CD burner. Also bear in mind the new Windows 7 operating system is due out imminently, and some stores are offering a deal to include a free upgrade upon its release.

I agree with all the above says… I am a Mac user and I would never buy a Windows machine again. I had a slight blip back to Windows pre- Mac intel, needed for a job and that was a cheap Dell laptop, the only problem was people calling from Dell trying to sell insurance and cover plans. I have to say my basic spec MacBook running in Windows kills the Dell, so its sat here getting dusty.

With what SCC has said above you should be able to spec a Dell machine and be happy. I tried an Apple machine 10 years ago and as a someone who hates computers, the Apple machine is just so much nicer to use and I wouldn’t care to go back to Windows, the odd occasion I boot in Windows on my Mac I happy to leave again as soon as possible, lifes too short.

I have an old NEC laptop running XP, another which is in bits that had Linux and this PC that runs Vista.

We just got her who is in charge, an Acer for about £400. Does everything it says on the box, it isn’t for me as it is too shiny and needs polishing. I don’t like Dell, my friend has one and it seems too bloody busy on the keyboard.

Having said that. I would recommend either of those choices. Dell and Acer. My only stipulation for a laptop, is a separate number pad

But. I hanker after an Apple Mac-Book, they are simply the best! (and most expensive)

As for connecting, buy the laptop, get a cheap 12 month mobile contract and a dongle.

Forget the free deals cos they are not free. :unamused:

I was going to buy a Dell computer, but then I saw their advert on TV.

Their manufacturing process really raises some concerns.

Wheel Nut:
As for connecting, buy the laptop, get a cheap 12 month mobile contract and a dongle.

Forget the free deals cos they are not free. :unamused:

Got to agree on that. I got a G3 dongle, asked a lot of questions, they said yes a lot no problem, in the end got the answers I wanted and signed. It was okay, but from being told that it was unlimited, found out that was not quite the case. I don’t live in the UK anymore, so I am sure those currently living here and using will give you the low down.

Perhaps start with your mobile provider, see what they will do for you, but walk away and think about it first. The good deals rarely end up being that in the long run.

EDIT… just read you do not have a mobile phone :open_mouth: although at the same time rather impressed you don’t.

I’ve ended up getting the Acer which was on offer at PC World. It does what I need and so far no problems. I still need mobile internet access so am just using it to watch DVDs. The wife says she will get me 12 months internet access for Xmas. That leaves me to get the best product for watching TV through an aerial, any recommendations ? Thanks.