Laptop in wagon

doing a night out at @ Lymm tonight.

using one of those “3” usb dongles to get on the net.

It’s the first time i’ve used it and must say it’s a great piece of kit.

The deal i’m on is £35 a month for 18 months with full internet - then the laptop (worth three hundred quid) is mine to keep. Not a bad deal I thought.

Do many others use this “3” dongle thingymabob?

I don’t but it sounds intersting. How much does it cost to access the internet? Is it pay per minute or just a set charge at the end of the month (like internet at home)? I ask as I would love to get a laptop with internet connection and some webcams that I can have in a truck and then have a website where people can view what I am doing at that moment in time (turned off before end of shift so people dont know where I am parked)



mr on vodaphone £15 3gb on 12month contract…

wouldnt be without it now

it’s £35 all in a month with internet included. Can’t remember the exact amount of permitted usage but it’s more than enough.

For example - i’ve just downloaded aol messenger (big download) very quickly - a similar speed to my broadband at home.

Seeing as you’re leicester way Newblood check out the big computer shop on Fosse Park!

that’s where I bought this

I’ve just got a 3 modem - tenner a month for 1GB - only had it since sat but seems good :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

think this one is 7gb

I use one on the “3” network. 1gb for £10 a month. Its plenty for what I want.

Also if you look around on this forum, you’ll find a few more threads where similar tools have been discussed.

Denis F:
I’ve just got a 3 modem - tenner a month for 1GB - only had it since sat but seems good :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

i have the same thing and if i want to download i wait till im home and put it on wireless thru my virgin broadband.
as said it work fine and i have used it from north to soth without failing to get using it now parked up in the middle of nowhere.

on the three network you can get 7gb for £25 per month on pay as you go.
it should be well enough to keep you going for 30 days.

i’ve bought the 3 dongle on pay as you go had it over aweek now works great only put a tenner on when i got it, been on it every night for at least 3 hrs used it during the day while waiting to load, sent loads of e mails and posts on here and i have yet to use half of the 1GB oh also watched a video on the net for over an hour as well. plus used it all weekend at home as our phone line went down due to a broken cable in the village. so seems bloody good value. :laughing: :laughing: