fuel bill

Wheel Nut:
I think Diesel is cheap now!

Ive just been to the pub and they were charging £19.20 per gallon :smiley:

yeah but i bet you can’t drink it as fast as your truck malc? or maybe you can! :open_mouth:

Ask another stupid question, but bear with me :unamused:. Is fuel purchased outside the country died a different colour to the UK?

YES, and also the make up is different from country to country,the customs who check the fuel can with the testing results exactly say where
the fuel comes from,

The reason I ask is, the VI were dipping the tanks of owner operators at Southampton, on the premise they were looking for people running with red diesel. Thing is, they were sampling the tanks. I wonder if this is a running tally of how many fill up over the water?

Theres nothing illegal about fillin’ up over the water as long as it’s kept in the same vehicle and not transferred to another.
The VI were probably after dodgy Irish diesel. Red diesel thats had the dye removed! Or normal red of course.
Ingenious though isn’t it?
Got to admire the Paddies for coming up with that one!

Over here, diesel has gone up to about $2.49/gallon, which at today’s conversion rate is 1.30105 GBP, or the equivalent of 36.15p/litre (our gallon is 3.6litres, the Imperrial gallon is something like 4.5 litres). Here in the US, diesel is almost always more expensive than regular petrol, often costing as much as premium petrol does.

jessicas dad:
i would have thought any firm with trucks on uk and euro the euro ones would come back with tanks brimmed and then top up uk ones and then send the euro ones back out with just enough to get to calais to put more in to get them to lux or anywhere else thats cheaper. i also would send trucks out just to refuel just so the goverment didnt get it.

This is illegal as even tho you have paid all the duty & vat you are not allowed to pump it out into another vehicle

If you do C&E will charge you back duty

I have two five hundred litre tanks and I just cannot work it out if I would be better off doing the fuel run. The cost of the fuel here is really beginning to hurt now and my contract is fixed so I cannot renegotiate.

Is this a case of sell up before I have had a chance to get started??

funnyfut, change your tanks so that your fuel tanks have a capacity of
1500litres together,like this ----1x600litre+1x900litre===1500LITRE as
allowed by EU REGULATIONS; You are better off as you willrecoup any
money spent with the cheaper fuel, No you do not want a ““1000LITRE””
tank as this comes under the ADR-HAZERDOUS regulations any tank
less than 1000lires is not considered as the above mentioned, also you can use the ferrys–shuttle with there bargin fares for the lorrys doing the fuel run.or you find a quick load that can be dropped off any time at the weekend perhaps like for carparts to FORD–GENK or OPEL—ANTWERPEN SOME THING LIKE THIS MIGHT HELP PAY THE COSTS FOR THE FERRY AS WELL::

Thanks Brit I will do as you suggest

I have just had my fuel bill in and what a shock, at first I thought I had done at least 20% more miles but no it is just the price has shot up as we all know.

It’s not going to be viable soon is it? NSH are you still doing the fuel run? I have 2 500 litre tanks is it worth it? :confused:

Some thing has got to give and I do not want it to be me :cry:

It’s not going to be viable soon is it? :cry:

rates need to rise!! 2 fuel card suppliers emailed prices yesterday
75.5 ppl and 79.89ppl -

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I was speaking to guy last week who has two trucks, one he drives doing euro work and the other running around doing containers.

He pays a driver £100 to take his truck to Lux and fill up with 1200 ltrs, he brings it back and fill his UK truck up with it, when i asked him if it saved him money he said that even with the £100 for the driver he could save a lot of money, i am so sorry but i just can’t remember how much he said he saved but it was well worth him doing it.

The current price in Lux, EX VAT is about €0.74 which means it is a fraction over £0.50 a litre. With the ferry crossing, £100 for the driver and the fuel used to get to Lux and back I guess there is still a saving to be made.

One thing though if he is doing Euro work in the truck why does he need to send a driver to Lux with it, isn’t he bringing it home with full tanks each week?

and fill his UK truck up with it,

This is a ‘curiosity’ question, not a sarcy dig or 'owt…

What are the legal implications of moving the fuel across?

I remember a system that was trying to get off the ground where a company sent a tanker abroad and brough back pre-ordered fuel for private individuals and this was supposidly legal and not evading fuel duty etc. :open_mouth:

In the last few weeks the price in Belgium has gone from .50p to .55p ex vat

I wouldn’t think it was worth going all the way to lux

it’s too far you use too much fuel getting there & back plus the time it takes you.

At the moment I’m still doing it but I’m always watching the price.


and fill his UK truck up with it,

This is a ‘curiosity’ question, not a sarcy dig or 'owt…

What are the legal implications of moving the fuel across?

Illegal. You can import fuel in the normal running tanks of the vehicle for use only in that vehicle. Pump it out for use in another vehicle and it is an offence.

I think Diesel is cheap now!

Ive just been to the pub and they were charging £19.20 per gallon :smiley:

Guys, i don’t think this bloke was interested or worried with the legallities of fuel import to be honest, he made it sound like THE done thing, so i can only tell you what he told me.

Neil, he does come back with full tanks like you say, but he drains it off and sends the truck back over at the weekend to get some more, he then drains this off and re-fills on a Monday morning in france/lux for his week over there.

What is this website that is advertised on the M6 near Keele services?

Diesel Dye . Com or similar. It sounds as though it may be slightly against the law :confused:

On another point, all these advertising hoardings painted on old box vans look a bloody mess.

If you put a sign up for a truck stop you need planning permission, yet you can advertise anything from condoms to holidays in a field next to one of the busiest motorways in the country