Waiting time

Is it usual to have big waiting times on a drop as I’ve hard various people complain about it. I also have become very familiar with the usual excuses ‘we are on a tea break’ or ‘we need to move some stuff’. So were are the worst places in the uk for this?


I find Tesco, Iceland can be bad and Co-op and Sainsburys usually quick but they can all have their bad days.
Chilled side i’m talking btw.

The one place I hate with a passion is Solus in Droitwich.

Every time I go there I end up waiting hours. They’re always on a go slow. I had 1 pallet on the back doors one day and I was there 2 hours!

I just sit there and bite my tongue, it’s as if they like to see you getting ■■■■■■ off :smiling_imp:

5 hour tip at Tosco in Teesport last week :imp: :imp: :imp:

I once did a 12 hour shift and all i did was deliver 2 loads to Tesco Livingston from Glasgow !! :open_mouth:

Tell them you are off for a kip in your (or your mates) wagon, and give us a knock when you have finished. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wheel Nut:
Tell them you are off for a kip in your (or your mates) wagon, and give us a knock when you have finished. :stuck_out_tongue:

best solution by far :sunglasses: soon as your head touches the pillow, :laughing: knock knock drives, we’re ready for you now! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

I managed to get over 9 hours rest period whilst sat on a bay at Tesco, Donnington many years back. Their system had gone down so I jumped in the bunk (…the days before you didn’t have to sit on uncomfortable chairs in a waiting room) and was woken about 9 hours later. Some drivers were still waiting there when I left.

I’m glad I had it on break as I was able to drive back to Manchester on a clean card and start my holidays. The boss even gave me an extra days pay so I was quite happy :grimacing:

The major problem is that our industry which owns the transport has allowed itself to be dictated to by so many major operators including the supermarkets.
Britain is particularly bad compared to my own experiences around Europe indeed when I worked for a French company, demurrage/waiting time was a constant
threat to anyone delaying the unloading process. Why does our industry put up with it, scared stiff to say boo! to those who require goods moved.

Exactly! Too many companies just waiting to take over work from anyone willing to challenge the status quo. We have to ring in if we are at any ASDA dc for an hour, what for? What are they going to do about it? Sod all that’s what. It tends to annoy me when you are on time or, heaven forbid, 10 mins early & they still keep you waiting a stupid amount of time let alone turn up 3 mins late. Im surprised they don’t have a naughty bay.