Trucking Int'l. Query - Sorted by N Z Jamie

I’m on the lookout for Trucking International mag for October 1991 - my copy got lost in a house move - and my good lady swears she didn’t feed it to dusty bin when me back was turned! :frowning: If anyone has a spare copy I’m prepared to pay the going rate. . Please contact me via private message via here - :smiley: Cheers - Rob.

G’day mate.
This is what it looks like,I’m not selling this one but this may help locate one. There are often trucking internationals on idiot bay ,they are sold in the magazine section. Look at Transport>vans/trucks/lorries. Hope this helps Jamie.

Cheers Jamie, the very one!!!, I’ve also sent you a Priv Mssge. Thanks.

Kind Regards - Rob…