i hope someone can give me an approx answer to my question

How many yards would it take to reach approx 30-40mph in a fully loaded 20 tonne (they may be 25 tonne-) vehicle from a standing start.

Its in relation to a new plant being built and am having difficulty in getitng info.

Sorry, forgot to add…this is on the flat.

Any help much appreciated.



Its how longs a peice of string Steve I reckon! They aint all identical, and would that be on the flat, on a slight slope, up or down, or on a steep hill up or down? Im taking it that youre on about a 20 ton GVW motor, and to tell you the truth I dont know of any, though I remember there was some 4 wheelers with an extra axle plated at about 21 ton? Anyway, somebody will know more im sure.

Hi Steve,

I don’t know how far exactly, but I can tell you how long it takes if that’s any use? I imagine anyone with a decent head for figures could work out the distance by some fancy equation relating the speed of the vehicle to the time taken to get there. Anyway, acceleration figures for the last 26 tonne roadtest I did from a standing start with a 260hp three axle curtainsider were:

0-20mph: 11secs
0-30mph: 23mph
0-40mph: 37mph

This was driven flat out going towards the edge of the red rev band (though obviously not into it!) in every selected gear. Chances are a professional driver in normal conditions would take about a quarter as long again out of respect for the fuel and the longevity of the truck. Like I said it’s a question of working it out, but on a rough estimate it must be several hundred yards to attain 40mph from rest. I’m out testing a six wheeler in a couple of weeks - will have a look if no-one’s come up with a better answer.


best idea, pay a friendly local haulier for vehicle for the day and get all the turning circles, kerb radii etc right at the same time :laughing:

although beware… we have a customer who we were getting rather p’d off with messing us around, not paying on time etc and he recently asked for the same thing at a new facility they are having built; “free of charge of course!” - we obliged but silly billys we are sent a fully steered broshuis trailer by mistake, so if you ever have problems getting a 13.6m trailer in and out of a brand new purpose built yard down south london way - our apologies :wink:

if it’s an erf about a week :laughing:

why all this slating of erf,s.
we have a chipped erf ec11, it was a 405/410 and now its around the 450 mark, now pulling a feldbinder tanker unladen at around 14 ton it will do 0-56 in 18 seconds.
thats a standing start pullind away in 5th low, then 6th high, 7th high and 8th high.

well you got to pass the time away somehow on nights :wink:

YE HA Santa Pod here we come.

if were all going to santa pod are we doing the runs with or with out the trailers :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: