What a bloody mess!

Been a member on TrucknetUK since 2003 but this new software is a complete BALLIX!!!
Cant figure out how to navigate around and FAR too complicated.
Somebody needs the order of the BOOT!!!

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Try this New site 2024 it might help a bit.

My sentiments exactly big truck ! and I’m trying to de register as I have no intention of continuing to be involved on TN so my interest ended when the old site was abandoned !

It’s total rubbish carp

absolute crap I’m out of here

To be honest I don’t think it’s that hard to navigate once you get used to it, but like anything that you’re not used to there is a learning curve :wink:


How on earth do you get to the present day on a thread, the ones I have tried all start from the beginning and I can’t jump to the end without scrolling for ever and ever, very very frustrating.

If you are starting from post 1 in a thread?
next to the post number on the left is a narrow pale blue cursor. Drag that down and you can go to the last post, in one move.

If you are going from the new post menu on the right of the home screen?
There is the post number and a time or date on the right. Click on the post number and you get the choice of first or last post.

Three are some other (hopefully) helpful posts here. New site 2024

Got to agree.
I just come on here now and again if I’m bored…(and then only to complain about this cluster ■■■■ of a new site…lol.)

Lost 90% interest, …and tbh life is too short to try and master it, even if I desired to…despite Franger’s spin and positivity.
Why make sonething that was ■■■■ easy, complicated just for the hell of it.


C’mon Robroy, you never struck me as thick. When you got into the Renault, it wasn’t the same as your old Hitler’s revenge, but you worked that out.
You’ll work this abomination out too. Don’t go getting a big head, but you would be missed if you decided to watch Days of Our Lives, instead ot coming on here.

Thick? Me?..
That’s up to others to decide, but it’s more me just being me tbh.
Unwilling to jump through metaphorical hoops, refusing to play other people’s stupid games when there is no real need to do so other than because of unnecessary change, all in all a general cba non compliant attitude, Just the way I’ve always been mate tbh.
Not being arrogant or big headed but if more had a similar attitude in real life, things in general would not be so crap.

I aint minced off in a flounce, I just dont like the new format, so do not come on half as often as I did.


This new site is rubbish and as it was down for so long the mojo has gone out of it

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its doomed . i remember reading that theyd got the real experts in on this , if the owners were making any money from this forum they certainly will not now thats funny

It does make you laugh all the so called experts on here, and drivers wonder why they a treated as they are often by places they go to. There is one thing called constructive criticism but lots of comments of it’s crap etc with nothing constructive at all. No one likes someone saying something they have done or paid for is crap. Be constructive with suggestions you would find better and see if things can be improved to keep more people happy.

The new site is visually a lot better than the old site, but having done some basic web design myself a few years ago learning how to have a go at stuff like this, having dealt with resolutions and pixels and graphics in a previous job and understanding colour rendering etc, albeit small bits and bobs mostly, I understand why a lot of the changes have been made.

Anyway I quite like the current format mostly, yes it took a bit of getting used to but I’m no longer having loading g issues and am quite happy to continue using the site.

Then again I also use dark mode and spend most of my time either on a mobile or tablet. Rarely ever use the computer for things such as this these days, again another reasons for a lot of the changes, the way people use and consume content these days is very different to even a few years ago. Things end up having to change.

Also I understand things to do with ISPS and routers and hops etc so also realised that often problems can be down to many things not just the website that is servicing the information.

As for adverts they are the bain of my life, I hate them with a passion but I understand that adverts pay for a lot of stuff we consume so you have to put up with some annoyances.

Anyway there you go.

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Nice to hear that you like the new format Simon, but you have adequately illustrated as to why that is.
This is ‘your type of thing’, you tell us you were involved in this sort of ‘field’ in a previous life, you have a backgtound in it, so to you it is second nature, so much so that you find it difficult to comprehend why anybody else does not share your enthusiasm…and I do get that.

I personally find it somewhere beteeen being baffling and complete dog ■■■■, my generation did not even do the basics at school unlike a lot on here, half of the terminology and computer jargon you used in your post does not even come on to my radar.
There are older guys on hete who are even worse than me ffs.
I got a whats app off a long retired driver member, who can not even GET ON to the site, as through no fault of his own knows even less than me about all this stuff.
Usage of computers and tech to me
As you say


^^^^^;There ya go not just ■■■■■■ up another post, but spent 20 mins doing another with no idea how to post it as loads of crap came on my screen and me wanting to hoy my phone at the wall.
An analogy of this site compared to old one has been made of going off a Atki Borderer on to a modern Volvo.
In my case going off a modern truck on to a bloody helicopter.
To make the younger guys realise…going from their modern truck on to a Leyland Roadtrain with a Spicer box, with a flat needed sheeting up with 2 30x20s and a fly sheet, loaded for a back street in Stuttgart …with no sat nav…aka ‘not an effin clue’.
I have been on here for about 3 weeks posting about half a dozen posts.
Normally depending on how little I had on or how boted I was it would be about 5 to 10 times that amount.
I would imagine all the like minded ‘non constructive and thick dinosaurs’ (think that covers the accusations) are ptetty much the same.
So I’m pleased you like the site.Simon, but I am now more of a lurker who only comes on to.reply to posts aimed at me of which I get e.mail notifications.


I completely agree, one of the main criticisms seems to be that this site is hard to navigate and yet I don’t see that it’s any harder to navigate than the old site or any other forum for that matter.

I admit that when I first saw this new site my first thought was “WTF have they done” but instead of just needlessly complaining I set about seeing if my dismay was because the site is really crap or if it was just because the new site was just not what I was used to, it turned out to be just because it was not what I was used to.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t understand why the powers that be would use chat software instead of dedicated forum software but I assume they had their reasons and it seems to work.

I said done some very basic messing around at web design and stuff like that. And a previous job I had to know about relation for large format print, resolutions for displaying images on various devices.

I am in no way am expert but sometimes knowing even fairly small bits of information that someone else has passed on to me helps you understand a bit why some things are done.

Also I did try my hand at teaching myself to do some logo design and stuff like that in Adobe illustrator and knew about vector files and things like that.

I do understand lots of people wouldn’t know a 10th of what I have learnt either myself or from someone else’s in those fields. I also understand there will be people that understand a 100 times more than I would on web design and stuff.

My main point was posts like it’s crap I’m not using it again is unhelpful, explain what you don’t like or have issues with and maybe some of those things can be addressed.

Yes it’s a learning curve for people and it isn’t going to without it’s problems it never is. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. But people seem to generally not want to give it a chance at all.

We know drivers are their own worst enemies a lot of the time we’ve seen it time and time again.

But also I’d imagine the majority of the people complaining are the older people, ones who may not be around for many more years. The site also has to cater towards a younger audience to keep it going when the older ones eventually leave this mortal coil.

None of us are here forever and I’m not exactly young or exactly old at 46, but even for me it took some getting used to initially. But most of it seems to make sense.

But as I said a lot of complaints gave have been useless comments like it crap, I don’t like it, I can’t find my way around etc.

Be constructive in criticism and people can help have some things changed for the better, a new forum software or website will always beat work on progress for a while.

As has been said there were a number of reasons for the change of software, yet the complaints are far much deeper than that, the companies about how poor loading times were was the main gripe, now it works mostly spot on for me.

Anyway there you go.

I think you are getting a little confused there tachograph, sounds like your thinking of discord which is more of a chat thing for gamers and discourse which this is.

Discourse is a forum software but more modern by the looks of things, so shows when someone is typing a reply and has a lot of facecrap/X etc style functionality.

i would suggest that they may outlive you if you go round making comments like that

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