What a bloody mess!

Really grow up. Old people die it’s a fact if life. Some people die young. Some people die middle aged.

The site has to cater to bring a newer younger audience as does the BBC, Itv, radio stations etc which often alienates older people I do understand that. Things have change and times move on it’s really as simple as that.

So you either accept things have moved on and try to get grips with something different that still works in much the same was as it did before, or you moan about it being crap and don’t use it anymore.

It’s is about balance generally but trucknet is run for profit by an organisation, they don’t do it out the goodness of their hearts.

Yes it used to be a forum for drivers but is less so these days, but it’s still free for you to use and be a member of where a lot of forums you have to subscribe yearly to get half the features you get here for free.

What’s with the message my post has been hidden due to community flags for goodness sake!! I may wish to re read it and edit it.

I don’t see anything offensive int the post at all.

The post may have been blunt, and quite possibly inaccurate*, but not worthy of a ban, IMHO. See what the mods decide I guess.

  • the Old Time section, which probably has more older members, has had some moans but the previously active members seem to be there and doing what they did before.

i reported it as offensive i guess the new way to deal with it is to block it until it has been reviewed

Yes matter if fact and blunt maybe but not meant in anyway to offend. But as usual someone has knee jerk action and reports it like some 5 year old.

I’m old enough to not care what other people think or say, I say it as it is, like it or lump it.

But absolutely nothing offensive in that post. Just someone getting their knickers in a twist imho.

How is saaying old people die offensive? And the site has to cater towards constantly attracting a younger audience for it then thrive and keep going. Sheesh. And they say the new generation are snowflakes.

You’re right I was confusing Discourse with Discord … … my bad :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

It seems to have come up once or twice. Tbh I have no idea what discord is myself other than it mainly aimed at the gaming market and as I understand it, is more of a chat type feature.

I do apologise wholeheartedly though if I have offended you in any way sir. It seems I have the ability to upset people by talking :joy::joy::joy:

Exactly one of my points, you have to change or get left behind sad but that’s life. And lots of older people do try and adapt. Some however just don’t and won’t. Different generations have different perspectives we know that, but not everything was better year sago and looking through rose tinted spectacles.

I’m curious to what you think was inaccurate on my post Frangers?

I thought you suggested in the (currently invisible) post that older members were moaning more than younger ones. I am not sure that is so.

No I should have said it seems to me to be mostly older people comparing, the older we get we do like to complain and kick up a stinky it’s part of life. I like to kick up more of stink and complain than I did say 20 years ago.

But people like my 84 year old stepdad is awful with technology but he perseveres and still has a moan about things but now he lives emailing on his tablet and reading his newspaper online etc. Then again he apart from health wise isn’t your average 84 year old either. He still cycles up the town but he has finally decided he has to give up driving because of a health issue and he’s never been a great driver anyway but is a biker through and through but even that he’s having to give up.

It’s hard I know it is getting old and feeling left behind but you can only try and change and keep up or get left behind.

Uggh I hate autocorrect and my useless typing fingers but can’t be arsed constantly changing errors in my posts, I just hope people can decipher them properly.

Well there is enough material there for many a quiet (or noisy) pub discussion.
Are older people really less happy or are they they inhibited about voicing their opinions? Or are they heard more as younger people are written off as snowflakes, or…
Maye there is a story that those who drove without mobile phone etc are more used to learning how to get by than the “everything on a plate generation” or are the youth IT natives? Or…
Those active on the OT previously are still there. Most of the younger ones here are still here.
A bit of chundering going on but is there really a generational divide? I`m not convinced.

Like I said from my perspective, I do think older people get grumpy and frustrated sometimes for no reason, I know I do now more so than when I was in my 20’s.

The older you get the less inhibited you get and the more likely to speak out and make a scene, again part of life. It is anyway in my experience.

Yes everything is open to discussion and interpretation, I also don’t overly like labels like snowflake and stuff like that but it’s become part of life as have many other things. So you just have to sometimes accept things for what they are. Complaining about things only gets you so far and a lot of time maks zero difference anyway.

And I do say there is more to life than a forum/social media and some word someone types online, if it is genuinely hateful or derogatory etc fair enough it should be challenged and or delt with. But people are far too quick to read something with zero body language or facial expressions to read it and interpret it in the way they read it when it often isn’t meant in the way they read it.

I’m not sure that age has a lot to do with people complaining about this new style.

There are people of all generations who don’t readily accept change and people of all generations who do.

As a member of the oldy brigade myself I can understand how frustrating change of software can sometimes be but generally in the end it turns out to be worth the effort of learning it.

How dare you be so reasonable! Don’t you know a “proppa driva” can only achieve Nirvana-like satisfaction when they’re complaining vociferously about something?
Disgusted of G’yetsheed

I should clarify I did say I imagine a lot of the complaints of it’s crap etc were from the older generation. And yes you are absolutely correct that there people of all ages that hate change for various reasons whether that be because of errm how do I say this now without upsetting someone and being politically correct, health reasons there you go that will do.

I myself even at my age feel lost and confused with how much things have changed and things you can no longer refer to or say because people have to take offence so easily these days.

I have quite a thick skin these days though so hey ho.

I agree with that, whilst I generally try to be polite I don’t do political correctness and never will, political correctness offends me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your offence over political correctness offence offends me :joy: