The Last Laugh

I have just received my final payout from my last job along with my P45 since they terminated my employment last month.

Over the last 6 months they overpaid me about £1300 in overtime, my time sheets were spot on and and one point I was having to copy tacho’s to substantiate the amount of overtime. It’s just that they can’t add up properly.

I’m just glad I kept my mouth shut.

i think you should come clean & tell your previous employer the mistake they have made & offer to pay it back with intrest :laughing: :wink:

I agree with Darren. As they were such a good employer and didn’t give you nights out :unamused: plus the months notice you should pay it back :wink: :laughing: :laughing:

On a serious note though, when they do the year end accounts they are sure to find the discrepancy and come after you for it :open_mouth:

I wouldn’t bank on it.

Well they can ask all they want, they’ve no chance of getting it back. I mentioned it (although not the amount) to my manager who told me not to worry.

If they had shown x hours overtime at 1.5x houtly rate
x hours travveling at 1x hourly rate

it would have made it easier to see where it was going adrift and I’d probably have put my hands up at the start. I only ever booked time in half hour sections so it should have been easy to calculate but it would work out that they had paid 32.7893392 hours overtime or something silly.

I reckon that £433.33 night out money x3 aint too bad.