Actually, I'll just make this a new topic...PLEASE READ!

Be aware that the mods aren’t all back in again yet, nor have we really been told how the hell this thing works ourselves! :rage:

It’s not poor Diesel Dave’s fault, he’s been trying to make a quart fit in a pint pot on the time/teaching/teaching prep/other work front and is also somewhat out of the loop, which is why I’ve now reappeared to do a bit of “ground zero” cover.

Just…bear with us all, eh? Well, the two of us (me and Dave) who so far seem to have made it! (Mods, if you are out there somewhere, now would be a really good time to pipe up! and correct me…please? :joy: )

Hi Lucy and Diesel Dave. I don’t blame you and I’m pretty sure none of the other members do. The fact is though; that while I think most of us expected it to be a bit different, we never though it’d be like this. Like most others, I expected to be able to see a list of the different parts of the forum that I wanted to go to. Anyway, I expect you know all that.

I’m in agreeance with peterm, very few, if any of us are blaming the Mods. Our frustrations are with the incompetence and tardiness, in the extreme, of the IT “specialist”.
As a Mod on another forum, I’m well aware of the different roles of moderation and administration.

What is a DM? It seems to be the same as a PM (personal message).

Yep. Either from DM button on left hand side bar or via your icon top right.
I`ll send you one now.
Also, I started a thread so we can post hints for each other. New site 2024
Several short posts to get the basics up n running.

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Cheers Frangers, I replied to your DM, before I saw this post.
I would still like to know the difference between a DM and PM.
Peterm is here, hopefully he’ll master the new switches and buttons and stay. I’d like to see Spardo, Dig, Mushroomman, Peggydeckboy, Moaster, Robroy and a few others come on.
Heck, the last pair of retrobates mentioned, are younger than me. If I can fumble my way through this box of secret magic, surely they can. :-))

Cheers mate, question answered.
Great idea for a thread, too. :+1:t2:

It seems my old ID was binned & I had to sign up all over again!
Nice to see Diesel Dave still around as a real help in past & font of good advice.
And all free!!

Looks like a group can get on the DM (Direct Message) at the same time?

Dunno what use? Maybe if I had some info I didnt want a job vacancy for an international driver, not requiring any handball or manual work? But didnt want everyone on site to know about it? Let only those on my “secret handshake” list know!
Or a plum ■■■■■■■■■■■■ that we don`t want the noisy fridge mob showing up at.

What!? Censor ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■?
a place to leave a vehicle

I’m sorry to read that your account seems to have been trashed. :frowning_face:

Let me know your old username then I’ll try to see what I can find out for you.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ is censored really?


Does indeed get caught by the swear censor, oh my lordy lordy me.

Hi Pete,

TBH, we’re still learning our way around this site too!!

As mentioned, it’s very different to the ‘old’ TN, some of the changes are for the better, others not so much. It’s taking us far longer to do our behind the scenes stuff cos there’s a massive learning curve for a non-techy like me. Fortunately, one of the good things is that we have better access to the I.T. guys for flagging stuff up to them.

I’ve been advised that there are still a few wrinkles that need to be sorted, but they’ll be getting fixed gradually in the background by the I.T. guys.

Thanks Dave. Couldn’t simply put “thanks Dave.” because it wasn’t 20 characters.

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Yeah, that 20 character nonsense is a pain, eh mate? :roll_eyes:

@peterm True enough. You can now put a :grinning: or :+1: under a post though.
Just tap on the “heart” under the post.
What some members were asking for previously.

I guess it takes up less space on the thread. If you tap on the icon given to someone you can see who put it there, and the poster receiving the thanks gets a small message in their profile top right.

Thanks Franglais. See; I just tried to post Thanks Franglais and got the same message about having to have at least 20 characters. And while I’m having a whinge, there’s a green paint pallet thing half obscuring the reply button.

If you want, a “thumbs up” etc can be sent to the poster, and that will also appear under the post. Click on the “heart” under the post you want to praise. Here is one for you now! If some one else has one or more “likes” you can click on them to who the senders are.Some like the idea of a quick “thanks” or agreement, or laugh without taking up a full post slot.

The green pallet thing is to do with data/advert preferences. I don`t know why it is always there? It certainly is there all the time on my desktop screen, but is quite tucked away in the corner.

Has anyone noticed that you cant quote someones whole post anymore??

Like that?..

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System will not repeat a whole post immediately after the original one although it can be forced to do so. It will repeat a whole post later on…as above.

Click on reply button right of post. Then on grey “speech bubble” in reply box.