Who remembers the summer of "76"?

Well with this heatwave set to continue for a while i was trying to think of that famous summer. I was 10 yrs old and we had longer summer school holidays then i’m sure and they seem to go on forever as did the good weather. I used to play cricket or go on bike rides with friends that lasted all day, but above all i remember there being loads of flying ants everywhere all the time.

A question for the over 40’s i’m afraid but what do you remember most ?

It was the year I was born. My parents told me it was a scorcher.

I was 15 & used to work all the holidays for my old man, £5 a week (tight Git) & I remember my mum made me marmalade sandwiches every day for 7 weeks (I should have been called Paddington Bear) it was Bloody Hot all summer but I can’t remember if there was a hosepipe ban ! (As there probably will be any time now !)

Remeber it well, one of the few summers i worked inside, got that wrong!
the weather forcast were very funny though, they ran out of ways to say “blue sky and sunshine”.

ten of us packed into a hire van with tents / sleeping bags .devon and cornwall.happy days :smiley: :smiley: went for 3 yrs running then some of us got trapped in the net they call marriage and parenthood. :frowning: no laws on seats and seatbelts in those days ,we just sat,lounged wherever you could get comfy.

I was aged 18 in 1976 and remember how hot it was … for weeks and weeks :smiley: :smiley:

i was only 7 … so cant really remember …but was the Totty as good as it is nowadays…

I shall always remember The Summer of 1976 because the harvest fields had rock-hard surfaces.
There were huge , deep cracks and ruts, which made traversing with a load of straw a nerve-racking experience
for me , as a 22 year old . Also , I wasnt too keen on hauling hay & straw. :unamused: It was my first year on field straw collection , and luckily none of the loads shiftedbefore reaching the main roads. Errrr........only one loadslipped` , but none fell off . ( Phew :blush: :laughing: )

Cheers, cattle wagon man.

I was a young slim blade of 20 years, I worked changing tyres on trailers for TIP, hot and sweaty? Not a bit of it… I was young and fit then - and with a good tan. It was so hot you couldn’t skive in the back of the tilts.

I was 4 and I vaguely remember it. I remember going on a holiday with my aunt, uncle and cousins in their Hillman Imp, a trip that took in Bourton on the Water and London. Memory is very patchy, but we definitely went to those 2 places cos I thought what a funny name Bourton on the Water is, and the model village. I also remember having to stop on Tower Bridge cos it was raising. But I have no other memory, not even where we stayed.

It was definitely that year because they moved to Canada in the late summer and didn’t come home for a holiday for another 5 years. The day they left I remember looking up at the sky and clocking every aeroplane and wondering if they were on it.

I looked at an over from Michael Holding recently on YouTube from the West Indies tour of 1976. It was at the Oval - traditionally the last Test of the summer- and the out field seemed to be just baked earth. Barely a blade of grass anywhere.

Think I heard on TV a few years ago that it was unbroken sunshine from Easter til August bank holiday.

aye it was a scorcher!!..stacking bales intae stookes ,then coming back an loading them on a trailer…then unloading them ontae an elevator to go into the shed…no wonder i came down wi heatstroke one day!!
16 an stupid,no wonder my dad said get onto machines , farm labouring is a mugs game.
still they were good days never to be seen again. and i would give it all to have one more day working with my dad( r.i.p.) : :cry: :cry:

Working in a large factory with a glass roof with no access to decent fresh air in the fabrication section which involved lots of heat from all sorts of steel plate flame and plasma cutters,welding equipment,protective clothing.It was like hell.Then sometimes had to work higher up nearer the roof on vehicles which was even hotter. :open_mouth:

Surprisingly the Summer of 1975 had around the same temeperatures locally as 76 it just didn’t last quite so long.

I was 7 too. We had just moved from a 1 bed council flat to a 3 bedroom house withe gardens.


I can’t forget 1976, I got married in the July.

For those who can’t remember, 1976 had a long, hot and very dry summer.

Like yesterday !

But then i was young and eager…now just old and knackered and grumpy.

I was 13 and that summer my parents rented a villa in Corfu. I remember my Dads rage that after all that expense England was in fact hotter than Corfu. Not that I was bothered, I had discovered mirrored shades and ■■■■■■■ beaches, the back of my hormone ravaged body was burnt black with all the time I had to spend laid on my front on the beach. :smiley: :smiley:

I was 28 and remember the summer well. There were fires everywhere in the countryside, hills on fire, forest fires, hedgerows etc. A lot more discarded glass bottles lying about and magnifying the sun. So far this lot is not nearly as hot. 2003 was hotter than this… so far.

Yep, remember it well, having to queue for the standpipe!!!

I was 13 a long hot summer as was 75 & 77

Great being up in middle of Northumberland on the coast for the summer ( even though I stayed indoors as hate the heat )

So far this year has been nearly as hot oh & never suffered a hosepipe ban :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cut the grass this year hit wasp nest yep did get stung a “few” times

In the Central England Temperature series 1976 has the hottest summer for more than 350 years and probably for much longer. The average temperature over the whole summer (June, July, August) was 17.77°C, compared to the average for the unusually warm current decade (2001—2008) of 16.30°C. There have in other years been hotter specific summer months, though.
The summer was so hot that it is embedded in the national psyche, with subsequent heatwaves in 1995, 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2006 all using 1976 as a benchmark.
Courtesy of Wikipedia.