week at work


start work at 00.15 went up the office and i was still down for going to portsmouth southampton. so i picked up my ride for the week.

i don’t have my own wagon (every on say aarrrrrrr) so i was given brians motor which passes everything else on the fleet and leaves them standing.

so off i go down the a38 which at night the new weeford under pass is open.onto the m42, m40, a34 where i encountered my first problem. at night they have got roadworks on there and i sat for about 15 minutes on the slip road for the oxford ring road. so idecided to cut my loses ad go back to the a420 down to the island for the a338 then onto the a415. this cost me about 15 minutes driving n total.
after that it was plain sailing down to portsmouth.got there and proceed to tip the bit of stock i had for them

then it was down to southampton but becuase of the delays at oxfordi decided to cut my loses and have my break at rownhams…

seen this one for ben.

glad i went to rownhams as bob is on holiday this week andthe manageress is doing the delivery. bob usually leaves you until 7.15 but she was waiting for me at the door at 6.35

tipped there back up to burton tipped the dekit fuelled and washed and booked of fo rmidday.


aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr good read m8,nice clean truck,pity it’s a scania :laughing: :laughing:


[zb] me off they did because they put my run back from midnight to 2am which ment less time in the bunk :cry: . todays destination is back down south to basingstoke and eastleigh.

this time they had put away the roadworks on the a34 by the time i got there so sailed all the way through to basingstoke.

tipped the bit of stock i had for them in there very tight store room and went down to winchester services for a 15 minute break then went to eastliegh and had a hours poa before they opened

normally they open up at 8am but the storeroom staff decided to have a day of so the manageress had to do me :wink:
back up the a34 towards oxford and your presented with this view

back to burton refuel dekit and book off for 1.30


nice read ,shame it,s a scania


and today its a 00.30 start going back to portsmouth and eastleigh :unamused:

starting early again i bumped into the road works on the a34 but they where passed didcot just before the ridgeway so had no choice but to wait. luckily the hold up was only 5 minutes this time and we had to follow the convoy vehicle at snails pace through them.

usual storie down to portsmouth and tip

this is the access ramp onto the top of the shopping centre.
bobs still of so i decided to go to rownhams again for my break and i parked next to this beauty

and this babe was behind me

got to southampton about 6.45

ran back to burton dekit fuelled up and washed and debriefed for 12.30



night out!!!

i don’t normally do nights out but because i was down for working saturday (ment to be 1 am poole) and wanted to go to uttoxeter show i voluntered to do the south coast. when i picked up my paperwork there was over 30 rails on the truck which would not fit on a 45’ trailer so ended up with a 15’2"double decker :imp:

so it was down the a38 onto the m42 ,m40 ,m25,m23 and a27 over to eastbourne. got there with 4 minutes to spare.

had to park opposite the loading bay and drag the stuff across the access road otherwise i would have blocked the exit ramp. tipped that off and had my 45 breaj before heading back to brighton.

took about half an hour to brighton but had to get there sharpish because the road you use to tip on is one of those were the bollards raise after a certain time
passing the old brighton peir on the way in and for saying i never visited the place in my life i found it quite easily.

heading back out of brighton im then on my way to hastings passing eastbourne on my way. had the traffic queuing behind me because on single carridgeways i don’t do over 40 :open_mouth:

hastings was a stinker after squeezing through at the top of the road

it was a tight blindside on to the bay with the managers car abandonded on the pavement which iv’e been told he will not move

the loading bay was one of those thats 4 feet in the air so i had to drop the tail lift and back on to bay then lift the gear up from the bottom deck to the loading area.
tipped and back on my way passed the sea front

then it was back up the a21 towards london. i had to follow this blooming caravan all the way back up to the m25

then it was on to the toll booths that were stacked back to junction 1

evetually leaving kent

and ending up through the tunnel into essex

had to take my 2nd break at thurrock where i got this shot of a betz wagon

whilst a thurrock i decided to go for a walk to argos to pick up a sleeping blanket becuase i left mine at jeffries when i jacked. i tell you what its a blooming long walk down there. got back just in time for the end of my break.

back on the road nd it was round the m25 till the a1 where the traffic started to mount up so decided to go up the a1 to stevenage services and night out there. knocking off at 14.30

saturday got up at 00.00 after just over 9 off and scrapped my ■■■■ out of bed back to burton and knocked off just after 3.30.

fueling at the end of the week.

not back in till wednesday


Nice read and pic’s :smiley:

another fine read ,shame it,s scania still

Great read and pics Jon, keep them coming :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Good diary

a good read and good pics nice one jon :laughing:

Good diary!, thank you for two betz photos, it is add my new serial number! :smiley:

Cheers Ben

Some very good pic’s there jonboy and a good read.Just on the point of the manager’s car that he wouldn’t move,we had a company that we used to do in Hamilton and it was 1 way system,which meant you go in 1 gate and came right round the otherside of the building and dropped trl picked another up.Outside the gaffer of the company would leave his car on the pavement on the right side thus being your blind spot as you turn left out the gate.The driver asked him to move it off the kirb and into the designated parking area’s,he refused point blank,ok the driver say’s you have been warned if i hit it i’ll carry on and won’t give a dam.Well if you hit it i’ll call the police,good you do that say’s the driver,not only will you have a car that’s destroyed you’ll be done for parking your car on the pavement.His car was a mess after the rear of the trl hit his car. :laughing: :laughing: So if that manager won’t move it,help him make his mind up. :laughing:

Reading your start and finish times, I now remember why I got so (zb) off with driving and got out when I did :smiley: :smiley:

Full marks to you jonboy for being able to do those hours, I struggled to do it then and no way could I do it now!!

Cheers, bullitt.

kitkat wrote

His car was a mess after the rear of the trl hit his car. So if that manager won’t move it,help him make his mind up.

one of our lads doing a blind side reverse at the store in rochdale didn’t see the managers car and squashed it up against the rear of the trailerand the skip. it was the 2nd time it happened, some folk never learn :unamused:

bullitt wrote:

Full marks to you jonboy for being able to do those hours, I struggled to do it then and no way could I do it now!!

iv’e done it that long now it becomes second nature, i was off yesterday because the wife had hr wisdom teeth out and i was still u at 3.30 this morning :open_mouth:

brit pete wrote

shame it,s a scania

thats all we got in the fleet we have a few mans on hire with the mid cabs but the agency guys get them. takes the [zb] really as i don’t have a regular truck and they do :open_mouth: :imp: :open_mouth:


some times not haveing a set vehicle canbe a big advantage , but i do know what you mean,I do not like haveing to jump from one truck to the other my self. this is rare at our firm if you are doing distance work ,and
thank heavens when i am working it is only distance work,

AS for the scania, i am rather more for the older model when it had less
electronic gear in it,

Thanks for a good read and nice photos.
regards derek

How comes you dont have a regular truck then Jonboy. :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

:smiley: Lovely diary.

i was off yesterday because the wife had hr wisdom teeth out

Ugh. No reminders please. :frowning:
Yuk. Too late. Now thinking about when i had one out. :cry:

Good diary Jonboy :slight_smile: