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The dvla think they’re untouchable and their slowly killing me

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I really need help the dvla has been ripping me apart for 3 years and I can’t sign in to tn it’s saying I may already have an account but my head isin bits. Basically I got done in 2021 for drug driving, which I absolutely disagree with, but I had a joint the night before so I took the 12 month ban and fine on the chin. Then they sent me for two drugs tests I never heard back from the 1st one but the 2nd one had 6 positives which were metabolites of my prescribed medication I pointed this out to them but their doctor insisted I’m wrong and
my doctor at the time didn’t want to argue with the dvla doctor so this has dragged on for 3 years. I lost my wife of 30years last year and I’m pr
actically incapable of walking can’t take my daughters to bereavement counselling and all the other important things your licence brings. I’m totally innocent like a man in prison for something I’ve not done, it’s absolutely horrendous I’ve considered taking my life but have to keep going for my teenage daughters. I’ve been treated like a piece of dirt by the dvla. Please can someone help Kind Regards Sean Agnew :pray: