Trucker's Fear.

Well, after 15 odd years of wagoning, had my first drivers side front steer blow out yesterday when coming down that huge hill on the A40 just before Monmouth with 29 tonne on.

To say I nearly had a ■■■■ volcano in the cab is an understatement.

Managed to keep it on the road but was left with a totally destroyed tyre which took the airline out on the wheel so left with no air in an auto box, wouldn’t start or I’d have limped it to the next lay by.

Had to get the police to close the lane, tyre fitter & Daf mech out.

Luckily only there for about an hour and a half. The copper was brilliant about it and the tyre man and Daf mech were great. Respect due.

The only thing that surprised me was the steering fallout wasn’t as violent as I thought it would be, just veered me right a ways. What a laugh.

Makes the adrenalin course through the old veins, doesn’t it :smiley:

Glad you kept it straight mate, that could have been a right mess !
Never had a front go whilst at speed but had a super single go once, makes a bit of a Bang ! Lol.

I passed you yesterday on my way into Wales proberbly just after it had happened and thought rather u than me as its something ive always feared happening especially on that hill with the load u had on board u did well to bring to stop nice and straight and safely .

Only had front go once, old f10 i think and yea it do give you a moment.
Tend not to need caffine for a few hours:grin:.

It’s not so bad nowadays with power steering. Back in the days when men were men and lorries were just a platform, an engine & a few wheels it was certainly a wake-up call when a front tyre burst.

Yeah, I went about 100 metres back to try and warn people but I was waiting for the hit till the copper turned up.

had a n/s/f go a few weeks back on the a30 in dads 7.5t horsebox. got on the traffic news :smiley: wasnt as dramatic as i expected… hurt his wallet a bit though. had to call out tyre assist(all ok, covered by recovery) but he stuck a bleeding Michelin on! £££££… :open_mouth:

It’s their way of getting you to try premium quality tyres.

mmm,to be honest i stick mitchi’s on both my bike and the car but i would have chosen hankook, about £60 cheaper… and a very good tyre.

I had one go drivers front a couple off years ago on the motorway bang smack in the middle off the roadworks where lane one was the hard shoulder how the hell I never ended up through the barrier and down the bank ill never know it was more luck then judgement! To say I ■■■■ myself was an understatement by the time the tyre fitter turned up it was rush hour the tale backs went for miles and apparently I had a mention on the radio as too why the motorway was rammed I felt like a right ■■■■ and was even given the ■■■■■■ sign from a few motorists like I ■■■■■■ meant for it to happen, credit to the tyre fitter though I’ve never seen a tyre changed so quick. Glad all ended well for yourself drive your mrs won’t be happy about your underwear going in her machine tonight :slight_smile:

Had one just once in my life, Going down the M5 after getting on it just south of Evesham. I was chatting on the CB to a mate and doing well over 60mph I must admit when BANG ! the drivers side front blew out, I shot straight across all 3 lanes as I tugged the wheel to the left as hard as I could, I went onto the central reserve still pulling on the wheel and missed a concrete bridge support by inches before getting back over to the left hard shoulder, brown underwear seems a fitting discription, the guy behind me had no Idea what was going on. Hunter (Rugby cement) or ‘Topgun’ as he is now know on here, stopped to check on me because the other ■■■■■■ just carried on and on his way back about an hour later he parked on the shoulder the other side and ran across all 6 lanes and the crash barrier to bring me a Mars bar and a can of coke … Bless him :slight_smile:

I had one go on the trailer front offside axle and had the window down as it was red hot and no air con(old low roof CF) and I ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ bricks! :open_mouth: thought a bomb had gone off and so did the split arse in her Micra who was at the side of the tyre when it went BANG!!! :grimacing: how she never ended up under the trailer or into the central res I’ll never know, she was balling her eyes out and I could smell the ■■■■ when she passed,well it could’ve been my arse I dunno! :grimacing: had to pull up on the exit slip road just after the A46/A17 Newark southbound and get out to warn drivers as the slip road was on a bend.

Summer 1999 I was pulling my show trailer round the M25 getting near Heathrow on my way to a weekend show just outside Brighton and being followed by my nephew in an identical set up when we got to the 4 lanes each way bit before the M4 split when the leading nearside wheel of the trailer blew it’s tyre which then rolled to the crash barrier on the shoulder and bounced back crossing all 4 lanes my side, over the central reservation and then across the other 4 lanes missing every single vehicle in full on rush hour :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
I was amazed, as was my nephew and his girlfriend and the tyre fitter.

Not had one go myself, but ages ago was being passed by a big Scania on the M6 heading south. Just about ready to flash him in when I just heard a thud, followed by small particles hitting the front of the van. Turns out his Midlift tyre had just literally exploded, showering me in the debris. It scared me half to death, dread to think what it did to him!

Yeah, I’d hate to be in a car over taking a truck when a tyre blows out next to your window, jeez that would be a nightmare.

Luckily there was no one over taking me else I’d have rammed them off the road. Might be holding her back a bit more on the hills from now on!

Had it happen to me where the Jet station is on the A38 northbound after Fradley Park. Was in outside lane overtaking. Just coasted gently over to the side of the road and slowly braked. Other than the initial heart attack from the bang it seemed quite disappointing.

I reckon those who get in real trouble are those who slam the brakes on in panic.

had the osf go on me on the m11 a few years back. I was on the phone to a mate when I heard a noise like the sound of a packet of crisps popping then about 10 seconds later the rim hit the deck and the ■■■■ hit the pants. it veered me slightly but ive got to admit that after I came to a stop it wasn’t as violent as I would of expected. it does nip the old ■■■■ cheeks up a little but all was good until the knob of a copper turned up and told me ive got 20 mins to get it fixed or he would have me towed. low and behold the tow truck turned up as the tyre fitter was torgueing up.

For a matter of interest, if one is going to have a near side wheel completely collapse, which type of tractor would “cushion the collapse” best do you think? :bulb: :question:

I had a front drivers side go bang coming down Mont Blanc French side on way back from a skiing trip in Switzerland with 76 passengers, full of luggage, Scania double decker 3 axle job. ■■■■ myself I did, hostess had just handed me a coffee and BANG wobble wobble wobble the tyre not the hostess :laughing: No calling the AA out in those days second man and I had to change the wheel. Oil and grease all over our nice white ice cream shirts lovely. :smiley: