The evolution of a truck net poster (abridged version)

I want to be a trucker
Recommend a driving school
What is wtd
What is dcpc
What is POA
I failed
I don’t get the gears
Passed class 2
Failed artic
How do I reverse
I dint get the gears
Passed. Hooray I’m a trucker.
Can’t find a job
Recommend an agency
How much do stobarts pay
2 years now still no job
Been offered 2 jobs!
Which job should I choose? Decent money, old kit. Crap money, V8.
Got a job.
Here’s a pic of my V8
Where do I buy pelmets
Which satnav.
What do I need for tramping
Duvet or sleeping bag?
What do you eat?
What do I need for tramping?
Which satnav
I don’t need maps
Finished my first week. It was mega.
I’m a driving god
I’ve only had 25 hours off this weekend. Is this legal?
My boss told me I had to get there. I can’t, I’m tired.
Where do I stick the magnet
First pay packet. I seem to be on less than minimum wage.
I shall now tell you all about my days in the army.
I shall now tell you about Eaton twin splitters
I shall read Wikipedia and spout nonsense telling you all its law
Where do I get a fancy light board for the back wall
I’m in debt
I’ve got new peek a boo curtains
Been stopped by vosa. Got a fine.
I shall now tell you all about vosa, police and pink chalk.
How do I get up Scotch?
I did Preston to Dumfries in a single hit. What’s the furthest you’ve driven.
A wagon overtook me on the A75. I was terrified.
I hate my job. Wages are crap. Hours are too long. I’m treated like a second class citizen.
I’ve been on the A75 twice. Once to Dumfries, once to Annan. Am I now a tang.
Had enough of this driving ■■■■. I’m going to tesco. I’ll get more stacking shelves.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Brilliant… :smiling_imp:

Ain’t it the truth! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So TRUE though!!!

All that driving without needing to get an inverter or having an amber ABS warning light.

Surprised the first place you worked wasn’t a cowboy operator (in reality a multinational blue chip) where you could tell the truck was overloaded just by looking at it.

How many went back to check their first 14 posts :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I liked that happysack! A lot is so true, especially on here :laughing: didn’t see hi vis mentioned tho :unamused:

Post title changed to keep the pedants happy!

Very true and funny, no mention of bull fighter spears, I see a lot of Matadors in cement mixers, Ole.

Between you and dieseldog999, keep it up!!! :smiley:

■■■■! am i that predictable? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

One to add
Should I do class one on artic or w&d

Genius, and like all good observational comedy uncomfortably close to the truth.

unlimited internet, in between finished my first week, it was mega and I’m a driving god.

You forgot the “unexpected night out” post!

Go on then, as I don’t feel as part of the clique I’ll stir it up and can say that I have NEVER asked any of the questions above :sunglasses: That could be because there was no internet and mobile phones were being trialled :stuck_out_tongue: forums for inane questions were star trek land :smiling_imp:

I think the “Clique” Has departed this place now. :wink:

Really!!! :open_mouth:

A wagon overtook me on the A75. I was terrified.

First pay packet. I seem to be on less than minimum wage.

:grimacing: :grimacing: