Got my first tattoos this year, anyone else got any that they are proud of?

Got 4 so far and another 2 booked for Febuary :slight_smile:
These 2 are my favourites so far, fancy getting something truck related at some point!


Got 4 so far and another 2 booked for Febuary :slight_smile:
These 2 are my favourites so far, fancy getting something truck related at some point!

Very nice themed tats!

Not got any, never had the urge to get any…until recently. Maybe, maybe not :open_mouth:

My lad Kenny who sadly died last year. I have others, but less significant.

bare with me as I have no idea how to straighten up the photo . Painfully and slowly my Viking theme is coming together , thanks to jase at ultimate ink in stoke . Luckily I’m a fat get so plenty of space to draw on

Now that is a tattoo…

When you say painfully, does it really hurt and what sort of money does something like that cost?

So far I’m over over £750 ,time wise it started as a cover up on my right shoulder ( note . Never trust a Tatoo artist that drinks on the job and smoke s a touch too much weed) about this time last year . I met the Tatooist and just gave him a free run at it , and it just developed when finished hopefully in January it will have some sort of Viking longboat across the bottom of my back . Reference the pain , twice I’ve made my excuses and ducked out , any body that says it don’t hurt is telling little white lies . Any body in the stoke on Trent area After a Tatoo , jase at ultimate ink , longton

Here you go Richie.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3&4

David Dimbleby when asked did his tattoo hurt replied it zings a bit. And that’s the perfect description. Although the longer it goes on the more uncomfortable it gets. Part 1 took about 6 hours including ■■■ breaks and a bite to eat, and by the end I felt pretty beat up. So I decided 3 hour sessions were my limit. Detail is the watchword! Got another 3 sessions to go. Finished by April hopefully.

Thank you jakdaw … That looks well, nice to see different Tatoo s as oppose henna, tribal etc . I find 2 hour session s managable , when he does detail in the same place over and over , it gets in uncomfortable to say the least . ’ zing ’ is a good word .

Bit of a Japanese theme for me, and anybody who says it doesn’t hurt is lying. Particularly naughty around the middle of your chest on the breastbone :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: but you get over it lol

Stomach hurts a bit, when I sat up after an hour and a half I must have been so tense I was actually stiff lol. Got 2 portraits booked next, first session is 7th February! :smiley:

I took my 18 year old niece where I go she wanted her foot tattooing ,considering she’s a petite dainty little thing she never flinched , winced or pulled a face once. I was the one cringing watching her, I can’t imagine it’s too great on top of your foot and down the sides :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Must be a girl thing lol

Thought I’d post the latest of my back. April was optimistic to say the least! One more session to go apparently.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: how full were you daidap

Apart from one on my upper left arm I’m otherwise empty

I’ve got one of a 5mm brown circle near my left elbow.

Lightweights call it a mole, but I don’t like needles, so I must have been hammered when I got it done.

Or it was there since birth.

How much do they cost; something like the back one?

wheres euromat…he hasnt gott any skin left to ink apart from his heed

my ink