Taken off-line for so long?

I’ve never known a forum be taken offline for such a long time to migrate to a new platform.

It seems to have been quite a car crash of a migration, I’d be asking for my money back tbh if it was me paying for the migration.

Then when it went live people could post fro a day or 2, then set to read only while testing was in progress? Surely testing should have been done before it went live?

I think there will be a lot of posters who don’t bother coming back now since it was out of action for such a long time.

From a members perspective it seems some very odd decisions were made. I would have expected the old forum to have been left up until the new forum was easy to go live to keep traffic to the site.

Just my thoughts and opinions.

Where has everything gone?

It looks like they’ve gone up market Dave and don’t want peasants like you and me to be involved ( well peasants like me mate !) They obviously have good reason but why excluded us old Lads by making it it ■■■ difficult to post ?

Seriously though this site is now a total ■■■ joke now but if that’s what the people want fair enough who am I to disagree !

Not sure I will get used to this. It”s not very intuitive and looks awful! What a shame.

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Sadly Trucknet has been killed off by this change, I wish they would just ressurect the old site which althought had its problems at least we could understand how it worked after so many years using it.

There is far better forum software on the market, 6 of the forums I visit use xenforo, it’s dead easy to use and a lot more user friendly features.

Well I have managed to post a reply so I suppose that’s a step forward but where I go from here I have no idea.

I’ll tell you what this reminds me of. It reminds me of the kind of thing that undergrads would do for their degrees to show off their skills…make a site and fill it full of as much crap as possible to show off how clever they are, usually missing the point that usability is much more important than looks. You go look at the UK Govt website which has won awards worldwide for it’s design and it’s very simple, clean, uncluttered with none of the nonsense and pointless crap this has.


FFS…its taken me so long to find the quote button because it’s not anywhere near where the reply button is but in the new text entry window…WTF is all that rubbish ab out? WHY IS THE QUOTE BUTTON NOT NEXT TO THE REPLY BUTTON? Have a “reply” and “reply with quote” like everyone else FFS.

The platform software isn’t the issue. The person who designed it wanting to show off is. They could have replicated the old site on this platform just fine instead of producing this sorry pile of crap.

The best thing TNUK could do now is to hire someone who knows about user interface designs to unwravel this sorry mess although I hope they’ve deep pockets because it’s going to take quite some time.

Very disappointing, hopefully i get used to it. Seems a bit much for my brain,


Nope don’t like this at all been off far too long
Speaking with my nephew who builds websites for a living & good at it he could have had this done much quicker & more user friendly

Sorry but I am out of here

It’s so confusing and not user friendly at all, and I own 2 forums and admin on a third.

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One good thing: I`ve never seen the TNUK community so united! :grinning:


The 2nd small windows when replying is like a simultaneous preview. Any content in the left side appears in finished, rather than raw form there.
To quote a post just use the obvious reply button, then use the speech bubble above your text.
Like this:

IMHO getting used to different modes of using a site is not the biggest issue. If the older posts and especially older photos are lost then many will be upset, some of the other oldsters ain`t happy…
But then again… :wink:

Thanks, needed a little tutorial there.

In relation to your post, I don’t forsee a breakaway group emerging who are full of the benefits of this new look and feel.

I did search for Celebrity Snuffits 2024 witrhout any luck, that by definition is’nt that old.

Might be my (lack of) ability to search sucessfully though

Oh I`ve just given a “thumbs up” to your post!
A “migration benefit”? :grinning:

Does that work? I went into Bully¬s then scrolled down until I found the thread, and copied the last post…at least I think that is what I did.

Edit…My error
Snuffits `24? Dunno.

I got an email notification that you had quoted me in a post. Don’t take this personally but I will disable that option, I spent an hour this morning cleaning up my email inbox.

On second glance it looks like I could have replied back to the thread by replying from email though, I can see situations where that could be handy (along the lines of a thread arranging a weekend bike meet up or the likes, where staying in the loop promptly has a distinct benefit)