Tachodisc sponsorship

Tachodisc are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of analogue and digital
tachograph equipment and services with over 25 years experience within the
industry. From their comprehensive training facilities and renowned
analysis bureau to their exhaustive range of digital and analogue
tachograph products, Tachodisc can offer a complete package.

Working within the area of driver regulations, Tachodisc is very aware
that driver education in the current and upcoming legislation is vital to
ensure safety on the roads and to help the driver work as efficiently as
possible. This sponsorship recognises the unique way that TruckNet UK
provides peer advice and support to help drivers keep within the law.

Tachodisc website

For which of course, we have to pay.
I’m not against training costs, but this change has been enforced after the fact. Most of us already have experience in using an analogue tacho. So why keep the basic details of how to operate a digi tacho behind a costly wall of silence ?
For example on the tachodisc website :

A brief guide for drivers and operators.

There are currently three different types of digital tachograph vehicle manufacturers — Siemens VDO, Stoneridge and Actia — in operation, and whilst the overall function of these units is similar, the visual display and navigation through the menu options is somewhat different. Drivers up and down the UK have been reporting problems using the units, most likely due to lack of training. To solve the problems, we have put together some top tips on the differences between the units, and some guidance on how to use them all.

Visual Display
Siemens VDO Siemens image including numbers p6
Stoneridge SE5000 Stoneridge image including numbers p26
Actia SmarTach L2000 Actia image including numbers p31

This is a direct quote from their site - there are no images just the above. That’s really useful !
How this can be described as “helping” professional drivers is beyond me.
Of course they aren’t going to tell you how to use the ■■■■ things, and this is why -

Driver Training

Specifically aimed at Drivers and will include some hands on activity.

  • Instrument Functionality
  • On the Move
  • Smart Cards
  • Manual Entries
  • Printing

Price: £85 per delegate plus VAT
Time: 9am - 12.30pm

Not bad work if you can get it. £99.88 for 3.5 hours “training”.
Heh, I’ll pass thanks very much.



Tachodisc sponsor this website and also sponsor the microsite on RT.com
roadtransport.com/staticpage … shours.htm

which is totally free…

By sponsoring both websites they are showing a commitment to drivers, I dont see any one asking anyone here to pay them any money at all.

Yes they hold training sessions, funnily enough that is their business, and because that is their business they charge for them, . but the training sessions tend to be paid for by companies for their drivers.

tachodisc advertise here and sponsor the website, By them sponsoring the website it means it covers its costs and therefore can continue providing you, the driver and webuser with this free resource.

I really dont understand your negativity to a company that is not asking you for money and is subsidising your web entertainment…