Speeding copper

159 mph and he got let off. he said was testing the vehicle out and that it was quite safe as it was at night and he was a police class 1 driver. :open_mouth:

what a load of bull. im quite sure that when the police do there class 1 training they dont get near 159 mph. so how can he be safe.
i understand that sometimes driving at high speed is needed, but 159 mph. thats helicopter territory.
on the radio today there was calls from other police drivers saying this guy was an embarrasment.

89 mph over the speed limit should be long ban. if i / we were to do 100 mph on the motorway then that would be 1 months ban.

89 mph over the speed limit should be long ban. if i / we were to do 100 mph on the motorway then that would be 1 months ban.

But I/We aint the law
Good luck to him,Jammy Git

“I fought the law and the law won” and all that :wink: :wink:

Totally agree, one law for them. Also on the radio today they said that a chase would have been called off at that speed. Bloody police, I hate them. I will never help one out with info if needed.

Could work in the truckers favour though when you think of it :wink: :wink:

Well Drive do you realise you were doing 70 mph in a 40 limit?

Yeah it’s okay officer, I was just testing the truck to see how it performs without the fuse in the limiter, I just thought I had better get aquainted just incase it blew sometime :smiling_imp: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Agree completely on the two sets of rules suggestion, it’s always been that way. If plod needs to train at that speed it should be on proper training tracks and the hazards provided by other plods in cars and on bikes, etc not endangering you and me, it’s bloody outrageous. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: , but typical of the system :unamused:

Its a case of one rule for one ,and others for the normal people!

Lets face it they(police) got a new car and went for a blast in it to see how well it went,

Fair play, BUT 159mph is extracing the urine slightly,

Should of be made an example of in my mind, Surly it has opened the flood gates for the ‘I was only testing it, Ofificer’ Excuses.

Class 1 Police driver,

Class 1 Idiot more like, What would of happened if he had, had an accident at that speed, or worse involved someone else in that accident, and why are the police buying cars that are capable of 160 mph, as already said a chase would have been called off a long while back so whats the point of it ?

Apparently there are differant rules for them and us :unamused:

This is quoted from another forum.

Section 87 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

No statutory provision imposing a speed limit on a motor vehicle shall apply to any vehicle on an occasion when it is being used for Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Police purposes if the observance of that provision would be likely to hinder the use of the vehicle for the purpose for which it was being used on that occasion.

The legal argument…

Mr David Twigg, defending Milton, who denies the charges, said there was no evidence of a written policy governing what advanced drivers could or could not do on the roads.

doing 159 on a motorway is bad enough but the fact that he did over 80 on a 30 stretch is disgusting ,im not sure what time of the day this happened but even if was night time with no children on the street there is always the possibility of someone strapping a baby into a car seat or carrying a small child from a parked car at the roadside,I dont care how much :laughing: special :laughing: training youve had if a tyre blows at that speed in a built up area then someone is going to get hurt.
As the father of a 6month old who already gets very wary of other drivers when baby is on board it makes my blood boil that a idiot like this should be allowed to keep his license when a vocational license holder like myself could lose it for a lot LOT less serious an offence :confused: :angry:

I like what was written in todays Sun newspaper:

Who are they going to chase through rural Shropshire at 160mph? Michael Schumacher?

The fool should have a lengthy ban and get sacked from the force. (in my opinion anyway!)

I like what was written in todays Sun newspaper:

Who are they going to chase through rural Shropshire at 160mph? Michael Schumacher


not with his tyres!!

ONE RULE FOR US, one rule for the police!

At the end of the day his own colleagues thought he was driving dangerously

Not just a fellow Traffic officer but his Sergeant - Inspector & I dare say his chief constable would have had to put the rubber stamp on this prosecution before it went anywhere near a court.

All I can say is this is what happens when you put numpties on the Magistrates bench who have no clue about the law (they’re all lay people) & in this case have overridden all of the above

I bet this copper will be the life & soul at the next police man’s ball

north surrey haulage:
At the end of the day his own colleagues thought he was driving dangerously

Just goes to show coppers will even stab there own kind in the back what chance have we got :unamused: :blush: :blush: :blush:


I’ve just bought a new truck.

Can I load it to 60t (as they do in the country it is built) So I can see how it handles in case they put the weight limit up!?

Well if you remember a few years ago, Jack Straw’s driver was taken to court for doing 106mph on the M5 with “JS” onboard and all this flannel about security risk was thrown about then, and like “TB” last week he was on party business and not government business. Well if he was at so much risk why wasnt he chopppered into horse guards {i beleave theres room for landing there, just round the corner from number 10}, and at these high speeds what happens in the event of a blow out or the vehicle being attacked with some sought of weapon from an embankment, {o" i forgot police drivers can handle a vehicle at any speed in any condition}, just ask the traffic cop from west mersea, who on receiving a new vehicle, vauxhall vectra i think it was, decided that he would use that night shift to familiarise himself with its capabilities. If i remember right his on board camera recorded him doing 150mph + on the M54 at around 22.00hrs 100+ on some of the Aroads local to that area, and even in excess of 60mph in urban 30mph zones on the same shift, the judge in the case became so exarsperated with the numerous other traffic cops trying to defend their mate, that he ordered the assistant chief constable to appear to answer for the cavalier atitude of his officers to the rules of the road, and their duty of care to the general public. they make think that they dont have follow the same rules as us, and may be they dont,And as a foot note “JS’s” driver got away with a slap on wrist. Personaly i think it stinks, from “TB” and others in his bracket, i think that from behind the smoked windows of their official motors a resounding chorus of let “them eat cake can be heard”. And here endeth the sermon.
I made the above comments in earlier subject, as for the need to train at high speed why cant the constabulary rent race track space, apparently at 159mph his high beam vision would’ve been less than his braking distance,“safe” :open_mouth: .A few years ago a women was killed when her car was rear ended by a police driver from hendon, he was the driver of the pursuied car while the pursuing car was some distance behind, he rounded a slight bend on the A10 in cambridgeshire, and the women was stationary at temporary road work lights, no prior recconaisance had been carried out to check the road for unknown hazards. I dont know but i would suspect that the family of the women driver would’ve rather that the training had been carried out at an off road curcuit. I beleave the above facts to be accurate, but appoligies for any error.

I’m a professional driver, and as an agency driver, I get a new wagon almost every day. Should I go flat out the whole way to “test out its’ capabilities”■■?

Yeah… right…

I like what was written in todays Sun newspaper:

Who are they going to chase through rural Shropshire at 160mph? Michael Schumacher?

Except it wasn’t rural Shropshire , it was HERE a built up area.
There have recently been two speed camers installed along this stretch, as it is considered an 'accident blackspot.

Sorry the link is long-winded , but i dont know how to change it to ‘here’ like the clever ones do !!!

Have done it for you. L. :wink:

well when he gets back to his place of work they have an extremely powerfull motor for his disposal… a push bike , or they could put him back on the beat for shall we say the rest of his career
or going to schools and giving talks on the perils of driving fast in built up areas

he has never probably driven one after his test…
the best coppers are dead ones… shame he didnt drive into a tree

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I suspect that while he may appear to have gotten off scott free, his superior will have given him a right proper rollockin. They like to show a consolidated front to the public.