South Wales Hauliers sixties and seventies onwards (Part 2)

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These were from South Wales were they not, Buzzer nmp

Ĺooks like its loaded with coil pallets for return to the now long gone BSC plant at Gorseinon.
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I’m struggling to work it all out Andrew,why weren’t layout left as it were?

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Hi guys. Total shambles.
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Congratulations both.Whatever has happened to our thread?
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Hopefully these photos will come up. The last truck I had new b4 retiring. A piece of crap. Up until this time I had all VOLVO’S. I was running 3 trucks for the company out of Orlando and the boss said, Paul I’m sending 3 new trucks down for you. He didn’t tell me they were MACK’S. We hated them👎
Andrew, the previous photo was myself and Sherry at her 50 year class reunion in Alexandria VA. Top one here is my daughter Rhiann outside Abertysswg Club when we visited in July last year.
Look at the steps getting into that Mack. That’s what stretched my Achilles Tendon out.
Regards to all.
Paul :wales:🇺🇸

Hello all.
A few here for Pete Smith and Dan. This type of trailer is for some reason used for carrying scrap. Awful design in my books.
Then a few shots of the Volvo’s parked up. Mine, the white one ran 540 miles, 7 days a week- Orlando Fl to Tifton Ga, the other two 6 days a week
Orlando Fl - Valdosta Ga 440 miles. Three full time and two part time drivers. All 3 on Atlanta Ga relays for U.S. Postal service.


A few of the Volvo’s I’ve had over the past 8 years. The best off the shelf truck in North America in my opinion. The latest VNL coming into production later this year is the best yet. Almost up to European standards with lots of the FHs features now being adapted here.
2516,785, 311 and 913.
311 had a ■■■■■■■ ISX 15L with 9 speed Fuller box. Absolutely flew 85 mph. The speed limit for trucks and cars being 70 mph on the interstate.
Between 913 and 2516 there was a face lift, all three white Volvos had D13s 550 hp I-Shifts and governed to 73mph.
American trucks don’t seem to have any appeal to me, seldom see any in a nice livery, painted or wrapped. In fact you may see the odd van wrapped and a box trailer, no tractors.

Here some photos of alte express


A few random shots here. A 48ft flatbed trailer with spread axle. The center of the tandem is 41ft from the kingpin, standard setting for interstate transport. These axles are fixed. Other trailers have the option to be reduced using a sliding tandem rail, but not extended beyond 41 to be legal. For sloping dock delivery or pick ups it can be slid further back to meet the dock height. A real pain with rusted or worn pins on the manually worked slider. Crap really. Instead of 34000lb on a regular spread tandem the spread axle is good for 40000lb. Toolbox doesn’t help the aerodynamics!
Davenport took delivery of a few VOLVO 25 yr VN anniversary trucks and VOLVO did a YouTube and written article in their dealership magazine. They interviewed the owner Gary Davenport and my boss Tony. Trucks just had an extra badge and special color coded seats.
Unusual to see a DAF LF, this one a special build for exhibition work and being sold by RYDER through a vendor.
The RAP Peterbilt and similar Mack’s were used to pull sets of pups. Two 28ft trailers. Doesn’t look to comfortable or safe to me.
Just an insight


Happy Easter Monday to all. Hopefully lots of people getting a day off.

A nice old JCB I saw going into a Ritchie Brothers auction a few years ago, a 4 D I believe. Some Doosan excavators I serviced for a Pile Boring Company, others just rental machines. Never a dull moment there.
And probably the best truck I’ve seen for nostalgic reasons, one of a pair super nice SCANIA’S imported for Formula One boat racing. The other pulled the boat trailer, a beautiful sight.