somerfied CO OP

Hello folks

Iam a driver at somerfield depot in the north west
And are wishing to here from Co Op drivers, on any word on depot closures etc .
and job security

At the mo were in the dark ,and would be good to here from some drivers from talke or bradford (co op) depots ,

The latest in our place is, that we could poss close ,as the co op have plans to open a new depot in rochdale/heywood.


the carver

sqaurewheels. You have a pm.

Hello Squarewells. I been at Lea green since it opened, PM me your name we will prob know each other.
Theres someone on here called Eccleshall Driver who does or has worked for Co-op and seems a good lad.
Im normally the agency lad on the shunt name is Gary.

hi i worked at the co op in bradford on monday for the agency i was talking to a chap there who said it was closing down in 18 months , :frowning:

i dont work for the crap-op no more… i left for bigger trucks which the crap-op didnt seem to want me to drive…, then left got a better job a life at weekends back, and the crap-op ■■■■■■ manager started talking about me after i left , ranting and raving(were the words used by my source on the inside;))saying how they helped me get my class one!!! yeah they helped… i had to pay for it… i had to book holidays off for it… and passed… then they used agency drivers for class one work!!! and moan i left…!!! its the lads i left beghind i feel sorry for, cus when they are 200 drivers out of work in this area its gonna be dog eat dog for some of em… i hope for the somerfield lads they dont get some people from eccelshall in the transport office!! cus if they do i pity you guys aswell.

Hello squarewheels,lashhgv i am also a driver at lea green depot and reference the depot in heywood/rochdale, don’t listen to DH as he is full of SHHHHHHHHHHH. Also lashhgv are you the portly fellow on the shunt who can’t reverse for toffee :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Interesting to note that Somerfield made the decision to close the biggest depot they had a few years ago,at Sherburn-in-Elmet,leaving a gaping hole in their distribution system,geographically,as the whole of the east coast from Berwick down to Tattershall,went overnight.

A lot of the work went to the newer Lea Green depot,and now because of the buy out from the Co-Op,it would seem that Lea Green could be doomed too.

I would like to think the management at Somerfield are mighty pleased with themselves at the thought of the next lot of blokes that could be maybe going to lose their jobs.


Totally agree with quinny, the private equity group that bought somerfields 2 years ago have closed 3 depots, wiped kwiksave off the retail map, forced numerous suppliers to close and more importantly put thousands of people out of jobs from somerfield staff down to suppliers, all so they can make their quick ££££££££. :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:


Codge im the skinny chap who cant reverse :smiley:
Seriously tho was told today that as well as all the hassle going on that my agency Driver direct have lost the master vendor slot to Transline.
Also one question for the Co-op guys. Do you use agency drivers as i was told today you didnt. But Eccleshall driver just mentioned agency drivers in his depot. Someone mentioned something like A.C.C. (driver pool) to cover themselves.
Anyway any info will be appreciated.
And Codge next time you see a shunter doing badly come say hello.


Yes CRL, “Co-operative retail logistics” (formerly ACC Distribution) deffo use agency drivers in ALL depots.

Ta for the info :smiley:

So nobodys non the wise then.

The big cheeses were supposed to come to see Lea green on Tuesday. They cancelled. Then Wednesday. The cancelled again. And once more on Thursday they never came. :blush:
The site has never looked so clean and they dont come hmmmm.

lashhgv wots it like in that lee green place it seems SHHHHHHH :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Yes CRL, “Co-operative retail logistics” (formerly ACC Distribution) deffo use agency drivers in ALL depots.

This is true,I`m in there tomorrow :smiley:

ive heard the ossett depot is closing sometime this year. :cry:

i had an assesment drive there last friday its the chilled depot ,does milk also, i did 10 hours got paid for 4! :open_mouth: , both that and the bradford one is shutting ,one of there drivers said around 18 months time at least, there is a depot in the liverpool area .
when i was working last week at arla i was asking a few somerfield lads at the shops what was going on,
they said its against the law for 2 shops to be close to each, so say there is a co op and a somerfield in a town the one that is oldest or small shuts, and the other if it is a somerfeild keeps its staff and just rebrands , a lot of stores are just been sold to aldi, to be knocked down and rebuilt , there the unlucky ones cos they just get finished no 18 months wait :unamused:

The Wincanton management are squeezing every drop out that they can. They are even taking pics of the shunters not using 2 airlines instead of just pulling them and putting them right. They have even asked a trainer to get ‘evidence’.
You want to see the blame being passed around when the ■■■■ hits the fan.