Seeking H.G.V C+E - A.D.R (New Member)

Good Evening,
I’m seeking advice. I would like to introduce myself; I’m Jason Thomas (Jay), 42 years old, married 23 years a son of 21. I currently hold a full clean driving licence & 10 years United Kingdom Passport.

I have recently retired from the British Armed forces after completing 23 years military service. Please do not think that I think this will open all doors just because I have serve in the Armed forces. I’m a realistic mature person and I appreciate I will probably have to work a lot harder to compete against others applying for the same jobs that I’m interested. I look forward to the challenges ahead for my chosen future career.

During a very successful military career I have achieved a wide range of different life experiences. Acquiring many interchangeable skills that are required to succeed in today’s world. These skills I’ve learned will benefit most if not all companies. My work ethic is second to none showing myself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I have a “Can Do” attitude. I have years of experience working on my own. I can work using my own initiative or when I’m part of a team. In short, I’m very loyal, reliable, trustworthy and hardworking. I have a clean smart appearance with a bubbly approachable personality. I’m not scared to work hard or long hours to achieve results. I’m eager to learn and have a genuine interest with this potential new career opportunity. I aim to bring some of my zest, knowledge and life experiences to your company.

Driving Categories

A, B, B+E, B1, C, C+E, C1E, D1, D1E, H

I hold a valid tachometer driver’s card. (Run Out Date Sept 2018)

I hold a valid H.G.V - C.P.C card. (R.O.D Sept 2019)

A.D.R Certificate.

Classifications held, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9 having experience in A.D.R for over 20 years. (All the above A.D.R categories are also in H.G.V tankers). (R.O.D May 2018)

Plant Licences,

  1. Excavator 180 below 5 tonnes.
  2. Excavator 180 above 5 tonnes.
  3. Dump Truck - Articulated Chassis (H.D.T). All sizes.
  4. H.G.V - H.I.A.B Hydraulic Clamp.

Forklift Truck.

  1. Reach - 3.7 Meters Height. Weight 1200 KG (B1 category).
  2. Counterbalance - 7 Meters Height. Weight 1600 KG (D1 category).

The above licences show i have a strong willingness to learn new things being very proactive when it comes to my work ethic.

The drama which is my only negative but I don’t see it like a show stopper I’m currently living overseas in Germany and seeking tramping work in - from U.K - across Europe. I’m unsure or aware if company’s here offer these opportunities so thought I would send this forum message. I live approximately 20 minutes from Dortmund — North West Germany. I speak a good standard of the German language.

I apologise that this is a long winded but thought more information is better than less. Please advise me further or any leads people may be able to offer.

For my private email address please feel free to ask for it so we can use it for all future correspondences.

I look forward to your replies, whether they be positive or negative. I would however like to thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this message.


Jason Thomas

Did not see any mention of Driver CPC in that impressive list …

Yep there is mention rog lol

Rog have you had your eyes tested lately?

Yep there is mention rog lol

C.P.C card

I need the opticians !! :laughing:

Lol its all good mate i had to read it over a couple times

Morning guys,
Oh ROG you found it then ha-ha I do hold the full blue card C.P.S knowing that most companies will not look at you if you do not hold it…I know the message is a little long winded and I apologise but I went with the assumption that more information is better then less. This stops backwards and forwards questioning lol.

Thank you for reading over it though guys.



Do you hold Driver CPC?
You dont need it for the military but should have done it on your resettlement course.
Without it you can not driver for hire or reward(ie: get paid) without it.

Just out of interested were you RE or RLC?

Do you hold Driver CPC?

ERR … do you need to go to specsavers with me ? :laughing:

Hi mate, I’m ex RCT/RLC tank transporter, my advice would be that less can be more, although your list of qualifications is impressive I think you might find that it could hinder rather than help you. I had a mate who was a WO1 with the TA and must have done every course that the army had to offer, but he was never taken seriously when turning up at an interview with a cv as thick as a bible. People presumed that although he had all the certificates that they were not backed up with any experiance. My advice would be to only forward the info that is required for the job, keep the rest under your hat until required.
I wish you luck and if you need any help feel free to give me a shout.

@ skypilot… No I was Royal Artillery mate. Served most my career in Germany…out of 23 years service… I did 20 years in Germany. The 3 years I was in UK unaccompanied and was in Blackpool as a recruitment Sergeant ha-ha. Happy times.

I have done my Driver C.P.C full 5 years. It’s valid until Sept 2019.



@ Paul… I appreciate the advice I never really thought of it like that I was just showing how adaptable and flexible to different types of employment I am. I wasn’t trying to be smug or hey look at me attitude. I was just putting feelers out there. If experience is required then I’ll offer to work for free until they are happy with me if I have to. That’s how committed I would be to a future employer. I know I have a hard slog ahead in civilian street competing with the guys with all the experience but think with my character and work ethic I’ll fall on my feet sooner or later.



Tescos are looking for night shelf stackers?!

Tescos are looking for night shelf stackers?!

…I think I’ll be setting my heights slightly higher than that Macci or are you being funny? I may have just read it the wrong way…However I’m not knocking any type of good employment with a positive future and a comfortable wage. I don’t think they have TESCO’s in Germany BTW lol.

I don’t think they have TESCO’s in Germany BTW lol.

Give it time … :laughing:

I can’t offer any constructive advice, but good luck with finding something that suits you.

Have you got left hand drive experience mate ? try Brian Yeardley transport in Pontefract, at least they may have contacts in Europe and all bar 1 of there trucks are left hookers!

Hi and welcome to the site Jay.
Many of us on here are ex military so we appreciate your positon,it’s no better now than it was for me 40 odd years ago.
You are still regarded with suspicion and it will take some time to get known and accepted.
However,continue thinking positive and keep in touch on this BB,some posters can offer some good advice, as well as the comedians.
As tobytyke mentioned, try some of the firms that run to Europe, do Stobarts still do the NAAFI job?,worth a try.

With all those qualifications you will probably get just over minimum wage. Don’t move near Lincolnshire


Tescos are looking for night shelf stackers?!

…I think I’ll be setting my heights slightly higher than that Macci or are you being funny? I may have just read it the wrong way…However I’m not knocking any type of good employment with a positive future and a comfortable wage. I don’t think they have TESCO’s in Germany BTW lol.

Where are you going to be living? If in Germany there may be German boards/job sites that will be fruitful. If in he UK where about? If your flexible with regard to location you will have many more options.

The quip about Tesco shelf stackers was, IMHO, pretty close to the the reality of general truck driving against other forms of employment. Certainly no great prestige/respect as a driver in the UK.

Do you know who contracts to military movements?

Hi, i am ex-job. I got a job with a company who contacted me after i sent my CV to them. I had missed the cut off date, however because they were looking for ADR with tanks not many people had applied. Lots of people with Tanks ADR out there, but not many applicants ■■?
The company have bases in Geleen, which i think is Holland/Netherlands. Try Air Liquide. Good company and pay is fair.

CV, keep it simple and expand on quals in interview. To many quals may “frighten” an employer away. Best of luck.