Running to Russia

Off to Moscow for the first time.
Any tips?

Make sure you visa application is filled out perfectly or they’ll reject it and you’ll have to reapply along with a new fee.

Don’t park on your own. Find a place with plenty of other motors parked up if you can. You might be stopped every so often, don’t know if they still do it, for Visa and other checks. Watch out for overhead traffic lights or the Police will jump on your nuts. Keep your wits about you. Good luck and have a safe one.

Nearly forgot. I think there’s a Pub called The Red Lion somewhere near the river. Been told it’s a good place to eat and drink. Only heard mind you. Didn’t get time to get to it.

Don’t park on your own,TIR cable if curtain sided,keep your wits about you. Camping stove & grub could be useful. Safe journey mate .

Take plenty of cash it’s very expensive in moscow most places £6-7 a beer . All the pubs pretending to be British or Irish are nowt like here kremlin and red square worth a look and the cosmonaut centre good . Taxis very expensive . And guard your entry paper with your life and make sure you get it stamped where you clear customs no stamp no exit . If you go to a hotel thay will prob ask for this but tell them it’s with your agent . Also have a look at the under ground very cheap you pay per trip the stations are very arty . If you need a hotel try the cosmos about 10 mins from red square

Keep heading East…big place can’t miss it :smiley::grin:

Have a look on you tube as there is some useful info/videos on there from truckers that have done it…

Good luck

Thanks for all the tips.
Got my visa. Had my ATA carnet opened in Dover and have an agent meeting me at the Russian border to help on the way in. The agent has arranged for an ■■■■■■ vehicle to travel with me to Moscow and take me to a “secure” parking area near Red Square.
Will let you all know how things pan out …

You need to have some US$ for easy border crossing, police checks and dealing with paperwork,200-300US$ should be enough.
Ask other drivers in queue how much they pay in windows. Best way to stick with someone who doing it for long and follow him from window to window, that may save You some US$.
Stop only in places where You see EU trucks.
Be prepared for long queues on borders, extra food may be nice :smiley:.
and good luck !!! Driving to Russia is adventure.

one more thing -diesel
dont use cheap, no brand, or own brand stations.
on way back ask other drivers how to take full tank to EU, on some crossings its impossible, max is 200 litres.

I’ve only been thru terahova a cpl of times they only wanted euro. other borders may be different was the Latvians that gave me trouble Russian side was no bother in or out and there’s no issues with diesel on that border .mad monkey is right it’s an adventure but a good one so take the time to enjoy it . i think it’s car show season out there now

Take plenty of photos, we wanna see :smiley:

Which border are you crossing to go in to Russia, Terehova?

If you are crossing from Latvia the best border is Ubalinka, there is secure (ish) parking at Rezenke about 50kms from the border. Your agent should sort out any fees that need to be paid but you will need some Roubles to pay the road tax/toll at the last barrier before you enter Russia, the worst tool road I’ve ever seen! To give you an idea look at the recent post from Euromat. I was there in June and the road was in very bad condition with some sections of roadworks 40 kms long and single carriageway so every man for him self, in my opinion best not to run in the dark unless you have no choice. Unless there are two drivers or you drive like a Russian you will struggle to reach the city from the border in a shift but there are a few secure parking places and hotels to stay at, the guide should know the best ones. Beautiful country and I found very nice people. Good luck and enjoy.

I think its Grebneva border crossing. … 5784&hl=2# - here you can see how long the queues are.

If you are crossing from Latvia the best border is Ubalinka, there is secure (ish) parking at Rezenke about 50kms from the border.

I am going through Ubalinka. The gent has asked me to meet him there.
Should be through to Rezenke tomorrow. Ideas on the secure (ish) location.
Warsaw to Vinius were a good training ground for the Russian leg.

Just drive to Grebneva and stay on the side of the road just before the border, its very unlikely someone will try to steal something down there when youre surrounded by lorries, or stay by the petrol station on the right hand side in Karsava(thats about 5km from the border) there is a shop across the road, and one is further down the road if you need to get some food.

Got to Moscow. Thanks for all the info
Ubalinka border went OK but would not want to have done it without the agent there. Lots of stamps and forms filled in.
70% of the road from Ubalinka to Moscow is single carriageway and reasonable. There was about 30km of roadworks where it was a "contraflow "of sorts. single track on a bed of rutted scalpings and mud. just about enough space to squeeze 2 trucks onto.
Load into Red Square tonight, hopefully the streets will be a bit quieter by then.
Will post some pictures when I have a moment.

Will post some pictures when I have a moment.

we’re waiting …

we’re waiting …

Calm down let me get them out of the camera!