pulleyn transport

Not sure but i think i was at Aosta on that x-mass morning, i remember hauling ass all day and made it back to base in time for a beer & a meal at the hungry horse pub outside Pullyns yard, yes on x-mass day they were open. There was another driver there that night, so had a few pints in good company.

anyone got any pics from the 80,s n 90,s of this firm i remember they ran some quality motors back then

Heres one to be going on with,i know i have more will take a look and post up when i find them :smiley:

here’s a modern one at Southampton loading onto. The azura for my cruise …Alan

Here are some my dad took don,t know much about them ■■?

Plenty of older 90’s pulleyn photos on this guy’s site.



This Pulleyn truck was on a dedicated contract for a meat wholesaler/processor until the contract crashed recently.

Regards, Pete

always thought over the years, that their trucks have always looked spot on, i like both the old blue, and the modern silver colours. they certainly seem to get about aswell, saw one in greece when i was there in july.


I remember in the 80s when they ran some Merc 8wheel tippers
Don’t think they kept them for very long
Routeman 67

thanks for the pics lads :smiley:

Some good pictures and fond memories of when I worked for Pulleyn’s. That would have been around 97 to 99. I had a FH 12 in the blue stripes. One day I will dig out the pictures as i know I have some, one was when i spent christmass eve taking a break at the customs on Mont blonk, I got back in the yard in time to go to the pub (Happy Horse) on xmass day with another driver. Went home next morning.
On another ocasian I had deliverd a load of Ben & Jerry ice cream to manchester & was able to buy several tray’s of 1 lt pots. Well on the way back to the yard the fridge stoped working and the top row had gone soft, so we put all the rest in the cold store for the night and the person also stopping in the yard persauded me that once it goes soft , you cant refreeze it. Well we watched a vidio and procceded to eat all the top layer of the pallet, felt bloody sick in the morning!!! haha.
I introduced Stewy Boocock to Pulleyn’s, so blame me. Some good guys as I recall.
Cheers JJ

Some more photos again not sure from where or when

Pulleyn 03.jpg

Pulleyn 04.jpg

Hello,heres a few pics from my collection. :smiley:

The first 2 were driven by my old mate Pat Bowden .

This Globetrotter had a Geartronic gearbox.

Small Merc van,seen on Hazeldonk services on the Belgium/Holland border.

A few yard shots to finish. :smiley:

Cheers Bubbs, :wink:

Good pictures, The F12 was the one that I drove, done some runs to the Ukrain in that as well as many other places. I did a double man job with the driver of the magnum, also to the Ukrain, i think his name was Tony or Trevor not sure as its a long time ago. Well I have posted some pictures of my own truck on one of Gavins threads called Kenworths in the UK. As i now live in Canada & have a Cab over KW.
Cheers to all that may remember me, JJ.

I,m sure when my dad was driving for B.E.T he mentioned a driver for Pulleyn called Sargent or Sarg , not sure this would be around late 80s early 90s. Sorry no more Photos

Yes i remember Sarg, An old and wise fellow, he was getting on then so would be surprised if he is still around. He allways had the time to give advise & listen to a drivers woes.

We over took this on the A12 at Colchester one Saturday, so when we pulled off my dad pulled over and ran up the foot bridge over the A12 at Marks Tey and took this just in time!

Pulleyn F12 by benners10, on Flickr