OK,,, Who's bored already?

I finished last Thursday night,
I’m not back at work til next Tuesday…
And I’m bored already… LOL
what is everyone else doing ■■

Working lol

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Watching “heros of Tellemark” again :unamused:

I’m bored but getting paid time and a half to be bored, finished in about an hour, only found out it was an overtime rate day when I came in this morning

Bored ? I’m gutted I’m starting back tmrw.

We moan when we’re off, we moan when we’re at work.

I don’t moan when I’m off; I’m looking forward to being off full time.

Not me. Finished last Monday and back next Tuesday. Wish I had longer.

I start next week…Wed dinnertime, (would never go back if I could afford it.)
I value and appreciate my time at home…family, tv, football, pub and all the test of it…oh and dipping in.and out of Trucknet :smiley:
Would not care if I never saw another ■■■■ truck.
Got the same cunning plan as last hols…gonna win the Lottery. :sunglasses:

First time in about 8 years I haven’t had a month or more off over Christmas, so not doing to bad, :smiley:

I don’t moan when I’m off; I’m looking forward to being off full time.

oh yes, no boredom here, can’t wait to get out the bloody racket, if you’d asked me about retiring 2 years ago i’d have not wanted to, but they’ve broken me finally after all these years, i give up, you cannot take a pride any longer, they will not let you, they don’t want lorry drivers any more they want bums on seats and seem happy to accept the resulting damage and mayhem :unamused:

Daughter’s here so i’ve done a quick oil change and swapped a few blown bulbs out on her car, oh and washed it…wonder if she limps and carries lidl carrier bag at work :wink:

Other than that its been long walks with the dogs

and enjoying being a normal person for a while and not a bloody lorry driver for a week, back Sat but only for one day, most time i’ve had off at Chritsmas since i’ve been here, next year if i’m still here it’ll be my turn Boxing day and most of the in between week.

^^ thats Mum and son (7 months) by the way and out of shot is another hound, same colour different breed, don’t let the looks deceive you they are two of the biggest pains in the arse on four legs you could find.

Only had four days, not enough and unfortunately I am back in at 0330 tomorrow morning for a 0600 booking. so if anyone else is delivering into Greggs DC at Kettering …give me a wave!

Oh, and only 2 and a half years to retirement :slight_smile:

Can’t be bored finished Xmas eve back for Friday and saturday then off till 28th January happy days lol.

Fridge still full of beer and enjoying not having an alarm waking me up,busy planning getting married on the 7th of Jan (I know I know lol ).

started doing a nice 1/24 scale model motorbike,screwed it up by doing the forks wrong,need replacement parts but can’t get them till the new year,now bored as there is crap on tv

Cleaned my unit and villa from top to bottom, drained the pool and cleaned out filters and pump, few days off has been spent doing OCD cleaning…

Got nearly two weeks off. Blooming great, getting all them little odd jobs, that I’ve been putting off, done

Bored. been off since last Thursday not back till 3rdof January, I was looking forward to the holidays it’s been really busy the last few weeks ,but now I’m bored tellys crap pubs and clubs round here are full of the usual experts on life and everything in general .ill be glad to get back , well that’s my moaning done hope you all enjoy the rest of your hols and have a safe and happy new year

Bored? No chance. Finished last Thursday, start back next Tuesday. Got a load of little niggling jobs out of the way, friends coming round Thursday, then if the weather is ok at the weekend, get the garden dug over. I’ve lists of things that I want to do, but never have time to do, looking forward to retirement.

Juddian they are gorgeous dogs, bet you wouldn’t be without them really! I’ve got four dogs, including a Giant Schnauzer that’s six months today and thinks her name is Lola-no :wink: Definitely no time to be bored, 3-4,walks a day.

Not bored. Went for a nice long walk on the beach with my girlfriend earlier. Got plenty to keep me occupied for the week.

Bored , NFC ! Been tidying shed out to day and will as well tomorrow do a few dump runs , change the rear callipers on brothers car, do front discs and pads on my car , help a mate so some stuff on his transit and hook lap top up to it as well
Oh also enjoying 12 continuous nights in my own bed and not the truck :smiley: