NEW VED tax bands from April 1st

My mates just been onto me to confirm the new VED rates, He has a Rover 75 2.5ltr V 6 like I had but two years younger, It was registered in 2002 & according to the new VED rates it will cost him £735/year :astonished:if I’m reading it right!!! As it’s over 255g/km. Those 2.5 V6 petrols were 268g/km. New VED road tax rates for 2024/25 from 1 April

i forget the figures now but i used to have a vw scirocco mk 2 1.6 on an old y plate because it was older than some magic date i used to have to pay more ved than someone i know with a disco yet they both had to meet the same emissions standard. my 1973 p6 3.5 v8 (the last of the proper rovers) no tax and no emissions check other than a visual one. Its ludicrous how they make these things up.

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Oh dear. Perhaps I picked the wrong time to buy a 4.5 litre V8 petrol!

what ya got maoster?

It’s a stealth way of getting rid of older polluting cars. My mate has already said his Rover 75 2.5 ltr V6 connoisseur will have to go as he can’t find £735/year to tax it.
It makes you wonder if they’re doing it before these cars reach classic car status.

if i was him and liked it i would just keep it for the summer tax and insure it for 2 months then sorn it

they want you to buy new every three years keeps the car industry ticking over nicely not to mention the interest on the hp agreements good little earner that

Since when is it possible to tax and insure for two months only? Or did you mean tax it for six months and cash the remaining four months in when you feel like it?

EDIT: Yes, I’ll go with it being a deliberate tactic to get old cars off the roads, mine has gone up a bit for my next six month instalment, but nothing like the figures quoted above

As far as I know it’s his only car at present.

I read recently that private sales are way down as more & more people are leasing new cars these days.

this, i forget the ins and outs now i have a feeling i used to do it on the monthly drip then just simply cancel the dd and declare it sorn the insurance was the same temp insurance for 3 weeks i think was the max and then i would call them up and do it again. think you could do it 2 or 3 times by which time the shows i wanted to go to were over

yep incresed ved increased insurance all this ev blather plus keeping up with the jones’s. I said to someone the other week on here i drove through the local council estate near to me didn’t see one car older than 2016 on the drives. the only 2 i did see were special ones

His avatar/profile pic is a clue…

Nonsense. Keep mashing that loud pedal. We’ll miss them when they’re gone :sunglasses:

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The case and figures for leasing or even PCP seem marginal v purchase and get rid at two years.

If I’ve read it right taking the Jag V12 up to 7 litres + still meets the conditions for an unmodified engine and free VED.

It’s probably cheaper to tax for 1 year then cancel and Sorn for however months.IE 6 months costs more per month overall than cost per month 1 year.

They can try but no way I’ll get rid of my gas guzzler. 2003 4.2 jag. Band M I’ll just sorn it and tax couple of months a year. Older style jags still get approving looks these days :laughing:
Technically there is no such classic car status. 40 years is tax and mot exempt far as I know but happy to be corrected.

Porsche Cayenne mate. Loud and obnoxious. The cars not bad though :joy:

i think they class it as historic least thats whats down on the v5 for the rover. what they put down for real historic cars i have no idea

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