new job on tippers

Hi everyone been a while since i posted on here. Anyway i am due to start a new job a week on Monday driving tippers anyone got any hints or tips for me ? :confused:

8 wheeler or Artic?

Starting on a 6 wheeler but could be 8 i think lol

Stone will come out easy :sunglasses:
Dust & Sand can stick, but it ain’t to bad!!!
Keep it level & look out for overhead obstuctions!!! They will go up leaning a bit.
Never done Tarmac sorry.

How long to get trained up on them roughly?

Not long depends what you are doing.
Is it quarry work?? Id so do you have a MPQC Driver skills card as some quarries require you to have them.
It’s all common sense mate.

No not got that card :astonished: n be quarries n crap like that my new boss ight put me through that i hope. I know about bricks n that between tyres just wondered of any tips for a newbie to tippers lol

Yeah just what i said really and the rest will come to you :wink:
Where will you be running out of??

Well the company i will be working for is a family run business in the scottish borders i went for the interview last Saturday and got offered the job once i came back from the test run with the owners son, who said he was impressed with my driving lol currently am driving a crappy daf lf45 12 tonner delivering 50kg bags of coal so be an easier job when I get the hang of it i think :laughing:

Yes well it will come off the back easier!!
Good luck :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Cheers you got a pic of your truck?

Click on my user name & then go onto my album, picture of truck there mate.

  • Don’t speed in the quarry, you can do alot of damage to the wagon + it’s uncomfortable and you’ll look like a knob.
  • If anything goes wrong - ring the boss!
  • Don’t worry about a bit of a lean when the body goes up, takes alot more to tip over than an artic. If it starts to creek - drop the body asap!
  • If anything goes wrong - ring the boss!!
  • Be careful if you’re tipping onto another pile, get out and have a look how close you are and where the tailboard will end up when you send the body up.
  • If anything goes wrong - ring the boss!!!
  • Clean your tailboard with a scraper and give the lights/numberplate a quick clean with a rag after you’ve tipped.
  • If anything goes wrong - ring the boss!!!
  • Keep your mirrors clean, go buy a squeegee before you start (and make a frew rags from old towels for cleaning lights/mirrors/interior/etc. Most quarries have a wheel wash but the water is filthy, once it has ran down the windows/mirrors all the muck stays on the glass - best to clean it off asap.

Do the wagons have onboard scales? If not,
Most quarries won’t let you leave if you’re more than .20 of a tonne overweight, so you will have to tip some off if you’re over that - knowing how much to tip off is a matter of time and experience.
If you’re underweight by more than a tonne go and ask for an extra tonne - shovel drivers won’t seem happy about it but neither will your boss if you’re always reducing his profit!

Who you starting for, if you don’t mind me asking?
I work for a tipper firm in the Durham/Tyne & Wear area so if you’re in the same quarries we use I could give you more advice related to those.

Careful if you load wet stone or worse
still sand this time of the year overnight as it can freeze in. No fun digging 10 ton out (been there) If the temp drops below-5 ish thats when you get issues.

Most people will help a newbie out.
Have the right attitude with the weighbridge & loading staff & that will go along way to! :sunglasses:

If the wagon is empty over night, lift the body a bit so any rainwater runs out. Should avoid sand, sub-base, etc sticking when you load

Its a local company called rentons based in duns scottish borders but we got a depot at alnwick and seaham (not sure if this still going) :confused:

And scale in cab on most them i think but going out with one of the other drivers to begin i think

Ah that’s a canny trek down this way then

But consider yourself lucky for having onboard scales, some of us are at the mercy of the shovel driver! :wink:

The MPQC course/card will get you 7 hours towards your DCPC too.
I agree with all advice given, plus don’t get in the body in the quarry or at least anywhere near the production area.
If muckshifting, make sure you’ve ticked the correct box on the transfer ticket. A tick in the “Soil/Stones” (inert) ticket will cost £90/load (according to prices near here) whereas ■■■■■■■■ will cost about half that, clean concrete rubble can often be tipped for free.
Always ask at the tip, what looks like “good soil” according to the site agent will probably clog up the screeners at the tip.

Yh i think most of our 8 wheelers you dnt even have to get out to undo back door lol

Is there any terms i need to know for quarries n that lol