New driver, what sat nav?

Hi guys,

My first week as a driver last week, i absolutely loved it.
Im doing double man and there were diversions on M6, so i was thinking what if the other guy is sleeping, i dont wanna wake him up, and incase i miss a diversion or sign after coming off motorway, what would be a good sat nav for me? where i can put in the dimensions of the truck etc.

Thank you

the issue with satnavs during diversions is unless you tell them to avoid a certain bit of motorway they try to take you onto the closed motorway as 9/10 times that is the best / quickest route. Tom Tom specifically is terrible for it and will take a long time to actually change its mind to where your trying to get to. It will suggest all sorts of inappropriate routes to get you back onto the path it thinks is right.

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I must say I’m not best pleased with my TomTom. It’s forever trying to send me into single track lanes. It took me down one unsuitable on Thursday traveling from Penge to Oxted till I found a turning point. It gets confused if I stop at lights or in a traffic jam. It doesn’t like roundabouts. I’d say download RoadLords for free. It’s worked very well for me the 3 times I’ve used it.

tom tom if i remember correctly allows you to view the route before you accept it. It probably wanted you to come out in westerham then back along the a25 to oxted rather than using the a282 a22 and a25

Ive had the tom tom app on my phone the last 5 months £89 for the year I think it was , It did me well on nights when there where a lot of diversions. I’ve just forked out for the go professional @£399 :sob: getting delivered tomorrow, don’t like the last few comments I read now tho :sweat_smile:

It does yes, I selected that one as it was 15 min quicker. I wasn’t expecting it to be like it was. I usually always take the A road option as unfamiliar B roads can quicky became lanes . I usually also always avoid the routes that say such and such lane as that’s never a good sign

Don’t be put off as many others have zero issue

I had mine for four or five years it was ok once you got used to its little ways. and was a darn site better than these bloody app things that tell you to turn round in the middle of the street which are nothing but car aids with height and weight added on. Mine used to love the center of London for some reason and i have to work hard for it to take me onto the south circ from st Georges hospital rather than back into the center of London and back out.

I only used the live traffic once it must of taken me around deptford about 10 times trying to avoid the queue up to black heath or greenwich

The other driver can’t be sleeping on the bunk when you’re driving.

i could be getting confused here but i thought he was going out with the driver trainer

That wasn’t my interpretation of his concerns

Could be ZZZZZing in the passenger seat though.

In which case he has his seatbelt on, which is one of the reasons he can’t be on the bunk, no seatbelts. The vehicle must be stationary in order for the drivers to both simultaneously record daily rest, the tacho programming would accept nothing else

Why not? Mercedes have belts on the bunk.

As long as you have an Android as it’s not available on Apple. It’s a no brainer. It’s all I’ve used for nearly 3 years of finding my way. It does glitch sometimes, like Monday you couldn’t search at all. But on the whole it’s worth every penny.

I think they’re for securing the bunk. Not the person on it :nerd_face:

Slightly related but a while back I was looking at the low bridge app site and I must have done something because every time I used Google Maps afterwards all the low bridges were pinned on it. It was great then last week they all disappeared? Anybody know how I get them back on?

On phone? I’m not sure as I think I have only looked on a PC at that low bridge map, but try :

Click on Saved in the middle bottom of the screen, then scroll to the bottom and look for maps on the rhs.

Hopefully the low bridge map will be in a list, once you click on it it should show, near the bottom should be a link to click for show map legend, which gives you selective control on what items show o. The map.

I found one on my phone for cat shave attacks from last year, but I have no idea why it is there…!

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i used roadlords when i first started out by the end of the first day i was ready to throw the phone out the window. Absolutely useless in London like all these free but pay later things its just an open source map with a few bits tacked on. it plans the route for a car then adds bits to avoid bridges routing u-turns in the middle of the road so you can turn left at a no right turn or right at a no left turn.

Yes, it did that to me too. It would be good if you could tell it “no U turns” like bike satnavs can. I just kept driving and it sorted out another route (if slightly/very dodgy)

Because the vehicle must be stationary for drivers to be claiming daily rest