My favourite "lorry" advert!

Evening all, well its been a busy couple of days, the weather has been cruel to the Wheat Harvest, but so much else to do.

Some of you will remember my tribulations with our , (aged) septic tank sewage system…recently serving to drain our field, not the other way around!

A situation that could not be allowed to continue…even though I enjoy driving, and loading…and unloading one of our vacumn tanks! Very satisfying that plume of “fragrant” discharge, as one wends ones lonely way across some distant, (hopefully), pasture!

So I have invested the family fortune in one of these new fangled “Bio Tanks”. And for the last couple of days a father, son, and son in law, from Gods Brierly Hill, have been excavating copious quantites of beautiful, growing soil to sink this modern day marvel, and its associated miles of pipework into our land.

Today was the switch on…and as I stared into the depths, at the frothing, vibrating effluent core…(imagine the ultimate Jacuzzi, …without Elke Sommer…(for those of a certain age), and I was assailed with one of those all too frequent moments of Cranial neutrality…yet another “day dream”…

And I wondered about the power of advertising, and advertising of the lorries we all really hold dear…recently there has been some talk of the silver and lime green Guy Big J, …(sans 8LXB),…but what of the others, and more important the adverts that meant something to each of you? The Leyland, “Power and the Glory”…(Ho Ho), Or more recent…whatever tickles your fancy…

Some were real “howlers”, some quite ionic…let us all share…

Cheerio for now.

Damned good idea for a thread, Monsieur Saviem.

Scania always married a good photograph with a concise bit of text, until they started using the names of rubbish pop songs to describe the lorries. What idiot thought of that? Here’s a good 'un from the earlier days- who would not go straight out to buy a 140 after seeing this?


Is this what you mean

One Papa-1.jpg

Leylands last couple of efforts for tv adverts,was it for the Roadtrain sprayed it matt black? and the Roadrunner being driven on two wheels,what was that about? :confused:

Although not a truck advert one of my favourites from back then was the Yorky Bar one featuring a DAF (2800 ■■) crossing a suspension bridge which looked like the Severn crossing (not 100% sure of location)

:question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

@Saviem…though not very much to do with the automotive side, it is very much your
favourite personal advertisement, however without your favourite Bollinger! Santé!!! A-J


irish lorries:
Is this what you mean

Yeah, that’s what I mean. That one is a good’un, though. The picture looks pretty, the lorry looks attractive in the setting and the implication is that running a 143 will buy you an idyllic lifestyle. 9/10 :laughing:

My favourite is a video which features a Erf E14 milk tanker and a Man TNT parcel artic on a dual carriage way ,however I can’t remember if the add is for lorries ,companies or tyres ! Anyone seen it ?was a promo video ?

Good thread subject! This was always my favourite truck advert: Robert


I think renault were right on the mark with this advert


This is a much better Berliet advert

and this one

cheers Johnnie :unamused: :wink:

Imagine what the PC Brigade would say today! :laughing:

Well I had to do for “Saviems” sake,but I was a good pal of Bernard Momin !!! Cheers Bewick.

Hey, The relaxed tilt driver next to an Always in hurry fridge driver.


0 Imagine what the PC Brigade would say today! :laughing:

When the T45 advert came on the telly the line was ( oh you of little faith) We got one and had no faith in it whatsoever.

Hey, The relaxed tilt driver next to an Always in hurry fridge driver.


Evening all, …Eric, that is why the Fridge Driver has the V8…

Must go, before my Dog gets my Boeuf Wellington…(46 years of marriage…and Im still in the wrong)!!!

Cheerio for now.

Hey, something special for trips to sandy countries.