M62 westbound j32 accident [Merged]

Anybody else stuck in traffic.
It looks a really bad accident.
Both sides are closed now.

I’m putting my money on the car driver…!!!

M62 West Yorkshire | Westbound | Serious incident | Road closed

The M62 is closed westbound between junctions J32A - J32, due to a serious incident.

The link roads from the A1M northbound and A1M southbound onto the M62 westbound are also closed because of this incident.

Last updated : 1215 26/04/2013

Think its a coach wagon and something pulling a hoarse box.
There’s 4 air ambulances landed in the last 20 mins.
There must be 30-40 emergency vehicles blocking carriageway.

I’m putting my money on the car driver…!!!

3 minutes & case closed. :unamused:

Sky say HGV & minibus.

"M62 West Yorkshire, westbound between A1 [M62 junction 32A] and
A639 [M62 junction 32]

M62 West Yorkshire - M62 closed and stationary traffic westbound between J32a A1(M) and J32, A639 (Pontefract), because of an accident involving a lorry, a coach/minibus and a car.

Diversion in operation - traffic is advised to use the M18 or M1 instead."

Updated : 1250 26/04/13

"There are severe delays in the area and drivers should
consider seeking alternative routes.

Traffic travelling from Hull towards Wakefield should use
the M18 and M1 to avoid this incident."

Last updated : 1300 26/04/2013

yes i am stuck here 3/4 mile from junction i have been told could be 4/5 hours before they open it

Yorkshire Ambulance Service said it had put major incident procedures into place and sent out ambulances, doctors and a hazardous area response team.

A police spokesman said he was unable to give details of any injuries.

The Yorkshire and Great North air ambulances are among emergency crews at the scene.

A spokesman for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "Ambulance clinicians are providing treatment at the scene and are working closely with their emergency service colleagues.

“At this time the number of patients is unknown.”

Motorists have been urged to use the M18 or M1 instead. The carriageway is not expected to reopen until 18:00 BST.


BBC TV News reporting 2 dead + 10 seriously injured.

Just been reported on BBC National Lunchtime News & BBC Look North that there are at least 2 fatalities and 10 people with serious injuries. 6 Air Ambulances have attended the scene and the injured are being taken to hospitals in Wakefield, Leeds and Middlesborough . Sounds like a real bad one this with the M62 W/B not expected to be reopened before 1800hrs.

Dave Penn;

Pontefract grid-locked.

A64 Choc-a-block.

Said on BBC news 24 truck driver has been arrested

Sky news reporting that a lorry driver has been arrested,no surprise there then !

Hi some of the emergency vehicles now leaving the motorway

Arrested HGV Driver said to be “Local” and not one of those “Johnny Foreigner types.”

Coach / Minibus carrying 20 women, said to be from the local area.

I’m glad it was not me they got. He is in deep [zb]

HGV said to be laying on its side,

very close to the Westbound exit slip of M62 Junction 32.


now with a photo added