Anyone going to Kelsall Show this weekend?

I did. Turned out to be a real treat with stacks of old and modern commercials as well as cars, steam and agricultural. Well worth a visit tomorrow (Sunday, 23rd June) if you can make it. Signed off the A556 between Northwich and Chester.
Plenty of Bedfords about in various stages of restoration.

Even before MY time!

I’d not really noticed before but when Sentinel changed from steam to diesel they simply threw away the boiler then fitted the diesel in the same position as the steam engine.

Malcolm Harrison’s were in attendance with their restored fleet. Had a chat and it seems that even they are struggling with overheads these days.

Oh, dear!

Some more from Kelsall.

Looks like I missed you again ROF I got there at 2pm and stayed until 5.30pm.Hope you dont mind if I add some of my pics to your thread and I will try not to double up on any of your pics.John.


Just a few more



I reckon you’re just showing off 'cos you’re a better photographer than I!
This one’s for sale if you can read the phone number-

Some more from Kelsall with apologies if Stanfield’s already posted them.

It was that sunny ROF that it was a case of point and press with me mate, :blush: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:Nowt wrong with the photos youv’e taken.

Lovely weather, matey. Someone must have ordered it especially for you!
Kelsall, along with Gaydon, is definitely on my list for next year.

A few more seen at Kelsall.

One or two more from me.

Bewick would be proud of the luxurious British sleeper on Bradbury’s Atki, John!
When I was a lad I used to keep six bantam hens. If I’d put them in there they’d have complained to the RSPB about overcrowding.

Great pics both ROF and Stanfield, looks a great show and the weather was kind.
Whatever is there its always the old Atkis that do it for me, they were iconic.
Who can say what might have happened if the stupid merger with Seddon hadn’t killed big A

By “iconic” do you mean “noisy, cold, uncomfortable lumbering heaps of outdated cr*p”, matey? I know it’s nice to look back with nostalgia, but I wouldn’t want to go back to driving an Atki up and down the country in all weathers for six days every week.

Pure nostalgia ROF , rose tinted glasses as well!
I now drive an auto premium and wouldn’t turn the clock back for anything,just like to see them restored and on show.

The last lorry I had before my retirement was a Premium. That was three years ago and I’ve just managed to get rid of the dodgy back that bl**dy thing gave me.