Interview at Reed Boardall

As the title goes I have an interview with Reed Boardall have searched the forum for advice on there driving assessment can anyone tell me if driving is done on same day as interview? Also what are they like to work for read a lot of different stories. Passed my class 1 2004 and have only worked odd days through agency due to current non driving full time job no driving at all last three years but would like to go full time driving just gave them a ring and they offered me an interview straight away despite lack of driving over last three years.

ask them what happens if you do any damage

Good luck! Never worked for them but I’d if you go prepared for the worst they can’t spring any suprises on you… Hi vis, boots, gloves, torch, map etc.

£7.31 an hour! I had an interview in may, was’nt impressed. But everyone as their own opinion.

Interview is a pretty relaxed affair with a multi choice assessment on highway code and tacho hours. The driving assessment might be the same day but depends totally on a spare truck being available. There are dozens sat in the yard at the moment due to all the new 13 plates being delivered. My drive was to Thirsk and back, up on the A1 and back on the the single carriageway parallel to the A1. Back to the yard reverse between two trailers and that’s it. I managed to pass with only a few days experience so I wouldnt worry too much.

They don’t suit everyone and you’ll need to have a tolerant body clock and a lot of patience for all the time you’ll spend in RDC’s. There is no premium for night work and days start at midnight. The kit is always legal and although you’ll be pushed hours wise they never push you over your card. If you keep your head down and get on with the job much like most companies you will be ok. The planners can come across a bit grumpy but I wouldn’t want their job, be aware a favour for them doesn’t guaruntee one back as you seem to talk to a different one every time you ring in. If your day goes as planned you rarely here from them which is a bonus.

Be aware you have to pay for the first £1000 of any at fault damage and they also push very hard to make you work your sixth day every other week. Some lads have been there for years and they also have a steady flow of those that last a few weeks and then jack it in. Bit of a Marmite company (other veggie spreads are available :smiley: ) Pay is standard for the North East but if you go tramping there is every chance you will spend a lot of time prked up waiting loads in Scotland, 23 hours is not unheard of. Standard Mon-Fri first nine hours is now £7.45.

And are you paid for that waiting time or at least part off it ? Surely they don’t expect you to have that amount of time as daily rest !!! :cry:

9 hours guarunteed per day.

I went for interview that was very laid back and relaxed. Money wasn’t great but when they mentioned that you pay for any scrapes I decided against it. You could end up working for nothing with a minor bump.
Heard other stories about them working you round the clock and missing weddings and family events because you’re working.

Be aware you have to pay for the first £1000 of any at fault damage . . . Standard Mon-Fri first nine hours is now £7.45.

I’m amazed they get any drivers.


£7.45 for the first 9, then what ■■?

If you are on tramping, you may end up with the same motor for 2 days max.

£9.50 ish after 9 hours. Getting kicked out of your wagon mid week is hit and miss. Talk to some and it’s been months since they’ve been kicked out. Should have added they don’t pay for parking unless it’s a dire emergency.

RB - not my cup of tea.

Stanley Knife:

Be aware you have to pay for the first £1000 of any at fault damage

:confused: That is awful

Paying for damage is fair enough. After all I imagine they give you a sizeable bonus for nil damage. Don’t they…?

Some differences of opinion about them, are there many other companies out there that will give someone with not a lot of experience a chance I’m going to do a refresher course and have also got a couple of cpc sessions booked beginning of Aug. Agencies seem to advertise plenty of vacancies but I’m after full time knocked on a few doors but nothing until Reed Boardall offered interview straight away. Have been looking at Asda I have there green card induction, but again only work through agency which say’s must have 2yrs experience. I’m based in the South Yorkshire area but willing to travel just to get in somewhere, Eddie Stobart my application passed there initial vetting but will not entertain me until I have 14hrs cpc in the bank.


They sound a delight to work for!! I don’t think…

Next best thing to paying to work I’d say. I wouldn’t be seen anywhere near RB based on the stories on here. :open_mouth:

Yep got to admit reading some of the stuff puts me off, but I really need to get a foot in the door somewhere.

Daz1972…I guess you’re about two years younger than myself!!!
Anyway. Just a lead, if you’re S.Yorks - based give JP Walton transport at Denaby a try. They’re always after fresh blood - decent work- fair pay & they don’t mind starting ‘newbies’ if they don’t mind a bit of graft. Tramping/general haulage but some good contracts/local day runs sometimes. They maybe worth a try.

Yep got to admit reading some of the stuff puts me off, but I really need to get a foot in the door somewhere.

Yep I can understand that. But you don’t have to put up with being treated like ■■■■ just to get a start. Companies that do this ain’t worth working for… no matter what experience you have or haven’t got.

Persistence is the key. Don’t be dazzled by the prospect of driving a shiny truck when the pay and conditions are so ■■■■.

There are firms that will give you a chance as well as treat you decently.