Help required. in trouble at work

Hi guys I’m in need of some help.

Here are the basics.
I was tipping in Wallingham surrey at about 14:00 on Wednesday. My next drop was in Blackwall (near Chris Hodge truck sales). Bearing in mind I had been in London multi-dropping all week so I know how the traffic was in the surrounding areas due to school holidays.

My TM has taken exception to my route between these two drops. Can I please ask you what route you would have taken between the 2, not turn by turn just basically would you have gone via local roads or out to M25 round and then into Blackwall.

He says he wouldn’t have done what I did and doesn’t think anyone else would have but I spoke to 2 of our other drivers who say they would have done as I did.

many thanks guys

Personally I would tell him to get ■■■■■■. Explain why I took that route and ask why he has a problem with it? Was you late for the tip or anything?

I wasn’t late as we don’t do timed deliveries. I have however been called in for a disciplinary hearing. So need some independent thought on the matter.

When I first started driving many years ago I was taken under the wing of an old boy and I will always remember what his firsts words to me were …
“YOU are the captain of the ship and YOU decide which way the ship goes!”
I always stick to that saying and tell that to my TM if he questions my route.

Having just looked at a map as I don’t know that area I would’ve easily chosen the same route as you did.

It’s as broad as it is long. Do you sit in traffic or do you keep rolling? I would have checked the traffic on the M25 at Dartford, if clear,gone M25/A2.( I think they were queuing at jct4 on Weds?) If M25 rammo, then West Wickam, Orpington, A20.
What’s their gripe?

a very simple way to sort this out…say you are sorry and it wont happen again and then ask him to route you to every drop you do as he is an expert and clearly knows the job better than you and doing it his way you wont go wrong and if you come up to a closed road phone him up for another route…see how long that lasts,same thing happened to me,a young idiot in the traffic office who didnt even have an hgv licence tried telling me that i was going “off route” so when i phoned him for directions after my next drop he said “dont talk stupid” and i replied “well you started it” he never bothered me about routes again

If you are being dragged into a disciplinary, then you have two choices.

  1. Just go and get roasted and end up with it on file and used in the future as ammo against you.

  2. Follow the letter of the law and make sure that they are following the disciplinary rules correctly (they rarely do) and make it hard for them.

Both options leave a nasty taste but only one will cover your back. Choose wisely.


i’d have carried on up the a22 as i’m paid by the hour + it’s 20 miles shorter but because it’s through town it will take a lil bit longer than going m25/a2.

Sorry your in the ■■■. If you are on a disciplinary for basically using your brain and daring to think for yourself it’s time you got another job. There is an endless amount of work out there,your boss needs you more than you need him. Good luck on the naughty boy meeting but seriously look for another job.

Tell him straight, you’re the Captain of the ship when you’re out on the road and you will take the route you feel fits best and you aren’t going to be told otherwise by a desk jockey. If he don’t like it, tell him to shove the job up his jacksy. There’s better jobs out there that don’t mean multi dropping in poxy London.

I’d question him if he’s even got an HGV licence, if he hasn’t laugh and walk out. Too many jumped up little tossers in this industry nowadays calling themselves TM’s.

It all depends on what you want out of it. If it’s a job you need to keep, go and tell them you’re sorry, but you made the best decision with the information you had at the time. Explain why, and ask them to explain why they think you’re wrong. If it’s not worth the effort, go in and laugh at them.

As for the route, it depends on lots of factors. Type of vehicle, height and weight restrictions, time of day, local traffic reports…I drive a 44 tonne artic, and I’m not familiar with local roads so A23 and A205, as long as my trailer wasn’t too high.

Boss sounds a bit of a p#+k.
Have you done anything else to upset him?
Sounds like he is clutching at straws to get you disciplined

Tell him straight

Don’t forget to turn round first though :laughing:

Also stand up for yourself in the disciplinary,don’t let them tell you you should of gone this and that way.
I bet he has done this before and the driver has let him walk all over him like many do.

I’d have gone that way too. That or A22, A23 then South Circular.

I’m presuming you don’t get a route sheet for these drops and there lies your main defence

“How can I be disciplined for going off route when there is no set route to follow?”

“Am I supposed to be a mind reader and try to figure out which way the TM would go; given the road conditions at the time?”

“In future all the drivers need a full printout of the routes that need to be taken to and between drops to avoid any further confrontation”

Keep a diary of any other confrontations you have with this prick in case you need it for any constructive dismissal claim

If the driver has no reason for thinking he was in the wrong why should he go in and say sorry ■■

Take Union rep into the meeting. If no rep, then take a work colleague in as a witness to what is said.

From tomorrow, ring him up after every drop, and ask him which way he would like you to go, to your next drop, if he’s that clever…