Just wanted to say “Hi”
Starting my Class 2 lessons tomorrow, hopefully things will go fine. Been doing some agency work lately, using DigiTacho’s, and the 7.5t wagons I happened to be driving were longer than normal (Argos) so I might miss the kerbs :smiley:

Also wondering, and this would probably be only something an owner driver could help me out with. If any of you travel from Up North, visiting Night Owl Carlisle, and travel into Europe, would you be willing to take a passenger ?
I ask, as I would like to see what is involved with such long distance travel, and although it sounds interesting, the reality may be not as appealing. Just so I have an idea of what direction to travel (Not a Sat Nav, lol) once I pass my Class 1.

If you could help, either pm/e-mail me or let my mum know at Night Owl, she works at the canteen counter on the morning shift.

Many Thanks.

Welcome Pointman :smiley:
bit late in the day but this may help you -

I would imagine u may struggle on a europe run as where u gunna sleep ?

Thanks Rog,

Luckily I ride a motorbike, so the MSM shouldn’t be hard to forget, along with the look over the shoulder.
The only real thorn is reversing, it is such a pain. Still practice makes perfect :confused:

Hello Tobytyke,

Good point, I never thought of that :unamused: Looks like that idea is out of the window.

Well, first lesson in 45 minutes and the weather is… CRAP. Heavy Rain, and a nice soggy bike ride to the Truckstop before and after, LoL.

Hi Pointman and good luck with the training.

Unless you already know somebody doing European haulage I doubt you’d find somebody willing to take you, for the reasons above and also many companies don’t allow passengers. Also most drivers seem to like thier own company, it’s one of the atractions of the job. :smiley:

Anyway before you decide which direction to go in this job, first you have to get a job :confused: So get the experience first with however takes you on and then you can start looking for the type of work that suits you. :wink:

I would imagine u may struggle on a europe run as where u gunna sleep ?

Most tractor units have 2 beds (mine does) Toby :smiley: . Although the second is not usually as large or comfortable as the primary one :wink: and may be in use as a kind of storage shelf :laughing:

Looks like that idea is out of the window.

not necessarily but I suspect you would need to “get to know” your prospective chauffeur a little first :wink: After all you will be stuck in a cab together for quite a while and it’s suprising how annoying habits / odours can become a “big issue” in those circumstances :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I always enjoyed having a passenger to natter to and show things to but only for a few days at a time. After that even the wife [zb]ed me off :blush: :laughing: :wink:

Well, first lesson in 45 minutes and the weather is… CRAP. Heavy Rain, and a nice soggy bike ride to the Truckstop before and after, LoL.

Best of luck with it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello Montana Man & Muckles,

Thanks. The lesson went well, if not a little uncomfortable for a short while whilst I dried off :laughing:
My first use of a splitter box too, and certainly much easier to get used to than I expected.

My Intention with the Class 1, is to get a job in Canada, preferably as a team driver to start. Having a few Canadian friends in BC and Alberta, they are looking into things that side for me, and I hope to speak to a few people when I go over next month. (Which is why the interest in the longer euro runs)

Unfortunately the few drivers who do know me, through my mum, don’t travel into europe, plus, when they approached who they worked for to take me out, were refused due to Insurance restrictions

Glad it went OK mate. Lots of good Canada info in the Expats forum, courtesy of BobTheDog and others, for you to check out.
Probably a wise idea to check out how you would fair on long runs as this is how it will be in Canada for you. :smiley: Not sure if the Canadians would be OK with your lack of experience but if you go “Team” first of all you’ll have a better chance IMO :wink:
Unfortunately though once you pass the test over here you will be going over and learning a whole different kind of driving :open_mouth:.
In the mean time I will ask a few friends who still go “over the water” if they can assist with the ride along thing. I stay close to home these days :blush: :cry: :wink:

Many Thanks Montana Man,

My friends know of a couple of firms willing to give new drivers a chance, they make you do a weeks paid course, then set you up with an experienced team driver. Also heard in Alberta, the oil companies are pretty good at taking new drivers, something to do with them being a little bit more careful !

So long as someone will give me the chance, I will be grateful :smiley:

I will check out the expats forum too, especially to find out the difference in driving. Though my experiences of driving (SUV’s) over there was nicer than driving here !

That would be nice if you could arrange a trip over the water, thanks. I would certainly owe you one for that. Much obliged

I will check out the expats forum too, especially to find out the difference in driving. Though my experiences of driving (SUV’s) over there was nicer than driving here !

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: How very true

Bob has some video clips on here somewhere of the “ice roads”.
Bit cold for my liking so I’ll be staying distinctly south of the border :smiley: :wink:
Any questions about driving over there feel free to PM me as I am only just on the good side of the US border when over there :laughing:

Welcome to the forum Pointman and hope the course is going well.

I took my Class 1 last month with the same intention as yourself of moving over to Canada for a better life.

From what I have read elsewhere so far, I thought that I was going to have to get a couple of years experience behind me before any company over there would take me seriously, however reading your earlier post, it appears you may know some companies willing to take on newly qualified drivers.

Is there any chance that you could PM me some details of these companies.



Hello Ian,

No problem. I will hunt out the links my friend sent me.

Hopefully I should get some more info when I pop back over to BC next month.

Lessons are going well, thanks. It is just a pity I will have to wait til next Tuesday to take my test, would have prefered to do it on Friday and get it over with :slight_smile:

Where you would sleep wouldn’t really be a problem. Most of the wagons on Euro work have the big cabs, usually with two bunks. Something you’d want to check on, before accepting the offer of a trip though.

You will need a fair bit of money too. Your ferry crossings will have to be booked and payed for, plus your food and drink for the trip. I’m only away for 5 or 6 days. Some companies have their drivers away for 3 weeks at a time, or more. Something else to check up on.

An employed driver would have to get permission from their boss, to take a passenger. The insurance company might need to be notified and possibly an extra payment made to get you covered, that’s if the company allows passengers. If the company doesn’t allow passengers but a driver offers you a trip anyway, then you’ve got no cover should anything happen. An O/D wouldn’t need to ask permission obviously, but the insurance question still needs to be answered. Another thing to check.

Finally, how do YOU know you can trust the driver who makes an offer?
And, how do we know that you are who you say you are?
Possibly I’m being melodramatic, but how would you get back from southern Italy for example if your lift threw you out in the middle of the night, with nothing, for some reason?

Hello Simon,

I knew about the company driver problems as a few drivers had offered to take me if the company would allow it, unfortunately due to Insurance I couldn’t.

As for your other point, true, I don’t know you and vice versa, but I have always been a trusting person, and the drivers I have met where my mum works (Nightowl Carlisle) and she has been there ever since it was started by Geoff Bell, so I assume a lot of you may have met her if you stopped there, they have been decent blokes. And you can check up on who I am there, certainly all the morning shift know me as thats the shift my mum works.

It was just an idea anyhow, so I could find out first hand what is involved with the longer runs into Europe, see what problems it brings etc.
If it isn’t possible for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter, but if you don’t ask, you never get, and it just means I find out what I need to know from other means that’s all.

I passed my Class 2, phew.

My Class 1 is already pencilled in, the first week of October I believe. Not had any luck with the Agencies I am with for Class 2 work (yet) It seem’s the majority of work is van or artic.

Found a website for a company by the name of Uniload, as they have a training program for new starters, it may be a sensible first step for experience.

Found a website for a company by the name of Uniload, as they have a training program for new starters, it may be a sensible first step for experience.

try doing a search of these forums first :wink:

WELL DONE on passing ypur class 2 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks Animal.
I just hope I can do the same for my Class 1. Like everybody else, it is the reversing that seem’s the most daunting, and all you experienced drivers make it look sooooo easy :cry:

I did a search of the forum Denis, Cheers.
It looks as though my best bet is to try other avenues first, if they prove unsuccessful, THEN consider Uniload.

Hi Ian,

Firstly well done on passing your class 2 mate.

I have found that the work is there if you knock on enough doors. I have had the usual “2 years experience” response from most agencies and employers since passing my class 1.

However one agency stuck me into a yard, shunting for the day and since then they have had me out on the roads delivering to Spar shops in short artics. Their philosophy was if I could shunt onto the tight bays then the shops would not be a problem. This weekend they also rang me for the first time to see if I wanted to work, rather than me chasing them to see if anything was available.

The good thing is you’ve past at the right time of year, as September - December is usually when experience goes out of the window because of the shortage of drivers for Christmas deliveries and it’s amazing how many agencies will turn a blind eye on experience if it means they will not lose commission. :smiley: :smiley:

Also have a look at the jobcentre website for your area, this is where I picked up my first class 2 job. Failing that do you have a 3663 depot in your area. I know for a fact that they take on a lot of newly qualified class 2 drivers, mainly because the hours are long and the work is hard, so they have a high turn over of staff. I’ve done it my self in the past and if you are willing to put up with the ■■■■ short term, it provides a vast amount of experience.