Apologies if I’m late with this:

“Hit a low branch” ■■? :open_mouth: what was it made of!?

“Hit a low branch” ■■? :open_mouth: what was it made of!?

Chuck Norris?

Rofl! :slight_smile:

OMG ! That’s on my shopping list this week !
I hope this hasn’t caused a National Branston Pickle Shortage & people start Panic buying ! I’m not going shopping till tomorrow !

I’ve noticed a trend in the media in general to report lorry accidents as some kind of ‘fun’ joke.
They don’t do it with car accidents.

Just wait until a lorry load of cucumbers rear ends a lorry load of condoms.

Crack! Snackle & Pop!! Old one…milk tanker hitting a Keloggs truck.

got to admit i did laugh when i read it in the paper

Article said it was in Shepton Mallet, which isn’t even next to Cheddar, there’s Wells in between. Cheddar to Wells is a bloody awful road in a lorry though.