Going back in time scania 144

going to have a look at a very very clean 144, getting peed off with all the sensors on the newer trucks :unamused: just hoping this motor is as well looked after as it looks

down side is, i never had the 144 530 any bad points to look for, apart from the cab mounts, on the + side going back to a good size 3/4 bed :grimacing: :grimacing:

been looking at some other r series v8’s and some are just in cloud cockoo land with the prices :unamused: :confused:

You go for it boy ! Its a nice turn of tide against all this inbuilt expensive technology.
It couldn’t be anymore expensive to repair than current models. As long as parts are available.

Fair play till ya. The older v8 is good. We have a 2000 460 which runs heavy 5 days a week. No fancy sensors and electronics so she should always get you home. I hear the 530 was a bad engine and so it may have been replaced with a 460 engine. If not just watch the oil pressure. They wouldn’t be as comfortable as some of the new stuff but will earn the same money, £0 depreciation, no problem getting parts and not much need for a laptop. Newer v8’s (maybe scania’s in general) are now where near as good. Most guys round us are going Volvo now.

the 530 had a habit of turning the big end bearings

thanks for the replies :grimacing: just heading off now

went to look at a 144 and i think i may have bought a 164 that they had :unamused: :grimacing:

Keep us updated Si :slight_smile: which truck you replacing of yours or is it an addition to the fleet :slight_smile:

maggie will be going, got an abs fault that just will not go away, ive had everything tested and theres no fault but it comes up on the dash :unamused: :smiling_imp: and theres only so much im willing to spend on her, she is going back in on friday to test the ecu so hopefully will find some more out then

Is that 164 a green/red '02 plate Simon? We sold ours locally 2 and a half years ago - if she’s the same on I can give you some history on it.

no mate black and cream

Well I reckon it was ‘Get your 143 out day’ yesterday

I saw 3 - yes 3 of them out yesterday - 2 on the M1 going south, and 1 on the M6 heading for the M1 and Jolly smart they all looked too !!

i will post pictures once she is in my hands :grimacing:

Few things to check Si.
first is it a 4x2 or 6x2… if its a 6x2 tag check cross members very carefully these have a habit of cracking.

second… check the bell housing and look under the turbo manifolds the bolts have a nasty habit of working loose and if left can mean a new bell housing, tell tail signs oil leaking from top of the bell housing areas and runs down the sides of the block, can have been washed off etc so keep a eye on that, it isn’t a very hard job to do but its a good day to by yourself to take off and re fit etc, if all goes well that is.

third, mileage pending? for what it costs have the bottom end rebuilt or do it yourself, a good mornings work that’s all to replace big ends, mains etc, gaskets and maybe oil pump, and new oil, cost of bearings and gaskets around £300. ISH… keep the oil spinner clean " we do ours at every inspection anyway same as fuel & oil filters,

rest normal Scania probs, wiring by steering box. cab bushes, and wiring on n/side esp for the range change apart from that its all good, :wink:

Does a yellow abs light affect the annual test or is it just an advisory?

can’t remember for annual test, but, it is a delayed PG9 at roadside

so, i would imagine it would be a fail

There is a nice R580 05 reg for sale at dpsuppliesandservices Great Yarmouth, mileage is a bit high, but very tidy looking motor. I can’t pit a link up as I’m on me I-pad.

this one Carl?

dpservicesandsuppliesltd.co. … hicles.htm

Does a yellow abs light affect the annual test or is it just an advisory?

it will not got through with the light on, doing my nut in as theres no fault, everything tested and working :imp:

this one Carl?

dpservicesandsuppliesltd.co. … hicles.htm

not bad needs a new seat apart from that she looks a tidy thing, the one im hopefully getting has only done 700,000km on an 04

That’s the one Rob!