Getting work with dr10

i am new to this site and in need of some advice i am thinking of takeing my class 2 test but have a dr10 from 2003 and was wondering my chances of geting work because every where i seem to look says no dr10s .also rang a few agencies and take no more six points.does any one no of firms that take dr10 .or would i be waisting a ground takeing the test any advice .wannabe trucker[/code]

I honestly think you will have more trouble with SP codes & points than DR after 5 years.

Never had a problem except with Brian Yeardley 20 years ago.

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DR10 - I think as it was some time ago you might be ok. Apparantly there are various levels of this offence depending how much you were over the limit but I do not the exact levels.


A number of LGV instructors, myself included, are finding that the general driving standard of many trainees coming to do their LGV ‘C’ course is not at a very high standard.
I have had a number who ‘THINK’ they are good but find myself having to go ‘BACK TO BASICS’ before they can really start learning how to handle a truck.
For the trainee this means wasted time on the course and that means that the trainee is paying good money to be taught how to drive again :exclamation:

There are a number of things that a driver can do before starting their first LGV training course to improve their general driving.

The obvious ones are to practise the DSA procedures, which could mean losing the rear view mirror, and then, every time to set off, doing the mirror, mirror, blind spot routine. Checking BOTH side mirrors before moving within the lane you are in, signalling or before the increasing & decreasing of your speed.

The less obvious is to practise forward planning — the THINKING bit.

A good way of doing this is to use your brakes a lot less than what you do at present — sounds daft but think about it — to use the brakes less then you will have to ease off earlier — to ease off earlier you will have to plan ahead more.
I don’t mean by changing down through the gearbox either as that will waste fuel.
A good example would be when approaching a queue of standing traffic, which is waiting for traffic lights to change or waiting to enter a roundabout.
The moment you see the queue, check mirrors and ease off in the gear you are in. let the vehicle slow down on it’s own, dipping the clutch as necessary to control any possible stalling. If the vehicle gets to the lowest gear speed (usually first gear) then engage that gear.
If, whilst easing off, you anticipate that the traffic is going to proceed, then engage the gear that will take you with them without rushing up to the rear of the queue.
You will be leaving a large area of tarmac in front of your vehicle when you ease off early. If another vehicle goes into the gap then re-adjust to accommodate it. If you curse at the vehicle that went into your forward space then decide if a few feet of tarmac is worth getting stressed over!!

When following other traffic, do you touch your brakes when they touch theirs? — If yes, then you are too close. Back off so that you can ease off without the use of brakes. Again, this requires a good deal of forward planning, which will be very useful when you drive a truck.

The general idea is to never stop but to keep moving forward even if at a very slow pace.

If you have to use the brakes then plan to use them gradually. Start by taking up the play of the pedal then resting the weight of your foot & leg on the pedal. That is then followed by squeezing down onto the pedal and squeeze down to a depth that will do the job during the middle of your braking so that you can ease off the pedal well before you actually need to come to a stop.

Hi, I have the same dillema, i just took and failed my class 2 and i was discussing this in an earlier thread,ie do examiners pay any attention to dr10s never mind employers!
So i am waiting till my licence is clear before going in again (Jan 2010!) just for peace of mind.
Yes you seem to be right about DR10 restricting your opportunities,but even if you see adverts stating no DR10s ect still give them a ring as Wheel nut says, after five years most insurers disregard them and if they are desperate enough they will fit you in! :wink:

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :smiley:

I have a dr10 on my licence which is just over 10yrs old but stays on licence for 11yrs. I passed both class 1 & 2 in august 06 & got myself a class 1 job straight away. i’ve had many different jobs driving artics since so i wouldnt worry about it. Dont get me wrong, some companies wont touch you with a dr10 but there are plenty that will.