Gear you need as a driver?

Hi all I’ve got my sat nav and maps at the ready but what other kit would you guys recommend getting?Any advice much appreciated. :wink: :wink:


Manners on the road.Do not be one of the growing number of idiots that do not know what a safe distance is.
Be a PROFESSIONAL…we seem to be in decline!

Depends on what and where you are driving but:-

First aid kit ?
Tape measure. …for heights
Baby wipes
Waterproofs, hat
Ipad or books …for when bored at a drop
Bog roll

■■■■ mags and a box of tissues :grimacing:

I’ll get my coat :smiley:

A clip board is handy to keep the paperwork tidy and clean.Clip the parking and fuel receipts on it before they fly out the window.
Foam ear plugs for noisy night outs.
Hand sterilser.
Basic medicine kit.
Put in case of emergency in the phone .Or ICE.
Next of kin contact details in the cab.
Battery jump start cables.
Ask the boss to join Snap.

Dealer boots

A developed sense of humour

Thick skin

A good zip-up document case for all your paperwork

The ability to sniff out HOFE-ers, Balconiers and Chalkers (this comes with experience, don’t worry)


A supply of good books

■■■■ mags and a box of tissues :grimacing:

I’ll get my coat :smiley:

Is that a long flashers mac type of coat ?
If so stand at the end of our street as my missus needs a good laugh !

…Sorry, Just having a funny few minutes !

HOFEs are the ones that missed the Herald of Free Enterprise by two minutes.The crew were drunk.Doors left open.Capsizes.
Balconiers are Sas from the siege at the embassy in London.
Chalkers have run out of time and the police chalk a line around the wheels and tell goods in staff to let you sleep at a Rdc.
There are the Middle East veterans that did Baghdad and back in a Morrisons day cab with no bunk.

Washing up bowl for shaving or washing.
Small camping gas cooker if cab cuisine to save meals out.
Lidl or Aldi sell tins of meat or noodles.
If no fridge in cab milk powder will last longer than fresh milk for cereals for breakfast or tea and coffee.
Cereal or muesili snack bars rather than crisps and chocalate.
Breakdown and tyre call out phone numbers.
Free mag Truckstop News has a list of truckstops.

Headache tablets.
Diarrhoea tablets.
Glucose tablets.
Any other related stuff that isn’t in a first aid kit.
Spare charger for phone/sat nav.
Bulbs and fuses.
Basic tools, screwdrivers etc.
Glass cleaner & paper towels, if like me, you rotate vehicles and always seem to get the one that no-one ever cleans the screen, just rubs the driver side, leaving an original fog on the passengers side. Good when the sun hits it.

That is very funny.Magnet.Fuse.Red Bull.Crack on driver for a one hitter to Lisbon and back. Sleep when you get home.We will pay the fines.

Everything mentioned here plus a strong flat head screw driver. It has saved me many times.


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Genuine :laughing: . I wondered what the first one was until I moused over it. :laughing: Looks like a piece of black pudding!! :laughing:

Seriously though :

phone charger :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:
satnav (no need if you have a smartphone)
spare tacho roll
dry weather gloves
wet weather gloves
torch (if you do nights)
hand towel (for when you get soaked loading/unloading)
hi-vis vest

I also have in my bag :

tub of wet wipes/baby wipes to clean hands on/clean steering wheel from the dirty [zb] regular driver. :angry:
tupperware bowl with some scran in for a mid-shift meal (saves spending a fortune on sarnies/greasy take-away food)
jar of decent coffee :smiley:
mug to put said coffee in and fill from boiling water tank in canteen :smiley:
also take a hi-vis all weather waterproof coat with me in the winter months. Warm as toast even in silly temps and keeps the worst of the weather from getting in

Your doctors contact details and list of medication you take.
In the worst case scenario the information is useful to the air ambulance or land ambulance crews and helps the crash teams and surgeons know what not to give you that may react to your medication in case of an operation.

Pro plus caffeine pills.Take no more than ten a day.When Vosa or plod pull you over the eyes will be like saucers.

The op hasn’t said whether its for days/nights or tramping :wink:

The op hasn’t said whether its for days/nights or tramping :wink:

If it’s the tramping or nights out then the only additional things he needs to do are make sure :

the night heater works
the truck is not a Merc.

Day/night shift