GBE ( 80's & 90's )

Dave Lowe R.I.P. God bless him. One of the nicest blokes to work with or for and to socialise with.

■■■! Just caught up with this thread. So many gone. Indeed, Rest peacefully Dave. Nice guy, and talented.

Do’es anyone remember a chat called Rob from walsall…who worked out of Fradley debot,in the 90s. he had tight curly dark hair, almost corkscrew like… a old friend,have’nt seen him for 20 years or more, thats why I can’t remember his surname…all I remember is, he had a brother and he was from the blakenall / coalpool area of walsall…

I worked for gobbex (GBE) in the early 90,s and wondered if any of the old faces were still alive !!!
Cheers Jon Appleton

Go to the ex-GBE facebook page and you will be surprised Jon

i worked outa fradley and barton late eighties nineties and my cousin john bland subbied for them with renault 365 turboliner met tony bradfield on there and the other guy quiet tony big neil another subbie from wales jeff jones with big foden ended up working for bradfield on morrocco believe hes doing algeciras turn rounds for davies turner still in his trusty superspace not bad at 83yrs many sundays in the old portakabin bar in cherbourg .i started in fradley the day the six new pegasos were delivered supposed to be the new troner lol turned up as the little spanish wendyhouse version 2guys walked away on the spot. great days and many hangovers glad i was involved in european in its heyday .tried to get hold of tony bradfield but got no reply but here hes well :smiley:

This is a photo of my son Bozz and a certain Steve Jones …………. is this the same Steve ?

ha ha ye i met the guy steve jones while working on gbe and few times over the years but im the other one :smiley:

So then, the other one, have you managed to locate any of the rest of " The Gang " ?

living in canada now m8 so not spoke to anyone for a while one i remember mick chidlow forget who he was on for but always around just seen on here fred in coslada has retired great days

Freds ( the original one ) was brilliant, had many a great weekend there. I remember most of the ex drivers you mentioned … fab times !

agree there m8 we probably met somewhere over the years was on for mckellar yeardley john davies not forgetting the best bunch beer swilling red diesel using boys on mjm or as we called it might just make it lol but had brilliant time on there gr8 bunch of lads u knew u were gonna break down every week just didnt know where lol gr8 times im sitting in winnipeg now waiting to load for florida tomorrow these lot have no idea m8 no crack as we used to have they hardly talk to eachother today has brought good memories back :smiley:

Do you know of an MJM driver who we all called Sid but his real name was Simon … think he was from Redditch ?

ye dont laugh but think that was hissing sid then was stick and ady who both married and moved to bordeaux then when mjm ended them 2 went for alleleys running spain also old dave aka teapot /genghis/astro/man and wife team cant remember there name roger the boss bought himself new m.a.n when they folded running barcelona he died in it down in llorett talking of barcelona another good night out the grand buffet cambrils oh what days :smiley:

The other Stevie Jones is alive and kicking ,lives in West Bay and Weston super Mare ,has recently got engaged and drives with Steve Holland for Kings heavy haulage doing Airbus wings from France /Germany to UK .Edit to add ,the last I heard of Sid (several years ago ) was he was driving a wagon and drag doing airfreight out of Heathrow.

Steve (Canada Steve )
Tony lives in Morocco and Spalding , he goes over with the trailer ,most of the others turn round.

Cheers for that Kerbut, glad to hear Steve’s ok, Kings are on the telly at the moment, must watch out for him !

Does anyone remember the fights between different nationalities at the first Freds , with the dust bowl for parking ?
When the football was on, the tension got heated after numerous beers.
I used to see loads of Sts ltd, Southern transport, and Compton haulage, some were
box van trailers , doing Tv,s to Greece.
And Mjm with black Scanias.
A lot of drivers married the waitreses from the BP truckstop at Saint Andre de Cubzac,Bordeaux.
Great showers that were cleaned after every use, didn’t mind paying.
Noisy truckstop, I used to get my truck serviced in the garage opposite, the one with the mongrel dog that would chase the trucks coming in the yard.
The GBE staff car park was full of flash sports cars, top of the range motors for managers and directors.

hi new here, got lots of stories about GBE, my dad used to drive for them mid 80s early 90s , i used to enjoy the covenrty/metz run with peugeot engines 3 or 4 times a week until jeff duval paid for us to move from dover to cherbourg then the company changed rules about passengers so then at 9 year old i became 2nd driver… on paper anyway thanks steve mcleod :slight_smile: i wonder if anyone is still around,

does anyone remember rick he had a firey temper lol that worked in the office when it was at as taylors in barton under needwood i worked for taylors did a few loads for gbe i remember the flat roof fh12s

What happened to all the GBE drivers of the 1980’s and 1990’s running out of Lichfield and Bournemouth? I used to have a right old crack with them on the boat from Poole to Cherbourg.I particularly remember John V. and Liam and also Tony Bradfield who was a subbie for them.Had many a good night out at Claudes / Victors / Freds etc etc with that lot. Were GBE bought out or did they just go bust like many other company’s of that time ■■

I thinnk John V is working for a heavy haulage co in the North of England,Liam works for a carpet warehouse in Bournemouth I have been told. Roley with his red nose is a taxi driver. GE Capitol closed GBE down on Christmas eve ,Ferrymasters bought the assets of the UK side and Transalliance bought the French/Spanish/ Italian assets. Jeff Duval has now started in a small way as E Freight at Bournemouth Airport and I know Glenn Savage has done some work for him with his courier van.