First time picpost

my new motor hope comes out ok? and old one. will post more if possible, enjoy. .

old motor at petermarland clay works north devon.

next one is the new renault440 demo i had with auto box, some may not like it but i thought it was great.

cadzow in rownhams services southampton.

430xf daf spacecab in the yard.

try a resize? love making models, this was a white metal kit in 1/50scale.

rear end.

made these in 1/24 scale, for local company, made transfers from computer

this was a 1/50 corgi model, stripped the paint and repainted in same colours
as local company.

love the look of this pete, picture captured in london ontario.

thought this had a good colour scheme, again in london ontario.

nice line up of new peterbilts.

old mack was certanly looking good on this driveway.

another old mack still earning a crust.

my mate raymond playing in a small stream :laughing:

love these 88s ![]( my pops old seddon and his work mates volvo.

love to play with this, couple of weeks work went into making this, also has
2 trailers, one flat bed tandem, and hand made lowloader with working digger.
has all the goodies on this one, led lights, realistic sounds , inc horns,gearshift,air brakes, even blows off air when ticking over, if you want to see same as mine in action go to the tamiya web site and donload the night hauler video, its impressive.

another angle with lights on,

these are in 1/14 scale witch is nearly 2ft long(tractor unit only) and 11 inchs high.
another angle off volvo model.

another angle on the scania model.

my old motor in the woods at the new forrest.

my r/c truck with low-loader and shovel.

my other r/c truck i made volvo fh off course, same trailer as before though.

:question: something not correct here? :exclamation: any body help? please. gotcha. more to follow. at last ive sussed it out?

Nice trucks and I would like to see your other pics :smiley:

as they have said before very nice pictures
please get the rest and post, thanks again.

great cadzow one and the one in the snow is a great picture, post more up, the more the merrier!!

Great Pics and regards derek.

Nice set of pics.

Try and make them fit on a page though. It saves everyone having to scroll side to side to read posts and see the whole picture.
480 x 640 is about right, most of mine are 600 x 800 which is slightly wide.
I haven’t used PhotoBucket so I don’t know, but ImageCave has a photo resizer in the tools menu. If PhotoBucket doesn’t have that facility then this thread has a few links you could try.

thanks for comments, will try and down size them a wee bit, :laughing:

Nice pictures and models you have there mate keep them coming :slight_smile:

Nice photos,
I take it there is manufacturer changes as it has only been MAN for a while.
will look out for your scania on the link road, only seen the DAFs from the bideford depot.


:laughing: silee, take it you must be local to bideford? loading for stoke in the morning out at wbb clay works pete marland. 2x scania based in bideford, one on general and myself.

Yes barnstaple, work for youings wholesale, mainly 7.5 tonnes but we do have 2 10 tonners as well

Cheers Lee

P.s. was that your scania loaded with logs that come pass me just after bish mill roundabout yesterday between 13.30 and 14.00. was in layby parked up.

lorrie spotting tom daf? no it wasnt me si-lee i only pull a bulker, unless its very quiet.

Yea they came from lorry spotting , thought you had visited when i saw that first pic you posted.

i sent the picture to john who has the site, as you can tell by the copyright. in my name.

Nice Pics Heyup, liked the models as thats what I do and would suggest that when your doing decals for trailer sides you do them as a full side rather than cut them out , that way you’ll avoid the discolouration contrast between the decal and the paint job, they’ll give better longevity to the appearance of the model too. More expensive but worth it.

Nice pics handbag (private joke…) just make sure you keep that new one clean would not want to upset the joff now would we…lol… :laughing: [/img]

lol @handbag:laughing: how did your week go ian?

Did the old chap get his snaps…?