Examiners, Instructors, or is it me?


Since I started driving many years ago I passed my car license 1st time, bike license 1st time and class 2 first time. I’ve just recently spent £400.00 on a 2nd test for class 1 and failed again…! Over a grand WASTED in total and an embarrassing 2 failures in a very short space of time. :frowning: I hope this isn’t something to do with the recent DSA test centre scandal??

Accepting a failure is one thing but accepting the examiner is something else. I had the same resident examiner for this test on both occasions. A morose character with a slimey smile which completely unsettled me. He didn’t say anything other than left, right, ahead etc…

I failed on awareness and planning but I’m now convinced that even if I drove flawlessly I’d still fail… One error resulted in 3 or more ticks in different boxes?

I can’t speak for others but my experiences at Lancing test centre with this resident examiner have sorely dented my confidence and worse my pocket. His debriefs lasted less than 5 minutes…

My Tangmere based instructor didn’t have a lot to say either… probably looking forward to another expensive booking @ £150 a day plus test fee. Hmm…

Two failures is not an embarresment, it merely means you may not have reached the required standard yet, or have not in someones view demonstrated it, stick with it you will get there.

Examiners are a subjective bunch at best, it can be just an off day for him/her or your a victim of the quota, if you think you, are the difficulty is proving it.

I realise the expense is a pain but if you really want it, it goes with the territory these days, sorry not much help so far am I?

As I am clearly not directly involved I can only offer my view based on general experience, I also have no experience of Lansing Test Centre. If you think your instructor is not up to the job try another, its your money, you choose where to spend it.

However expensive, frustrating or unfair it seems it is worth the effort and whilst the uneducated ‘Joe Public’ have no great appreciation of real life as a Professional Driver it is hell of an achievement that many of them could never do if they the aid of a good fairy.

Stick with it Tallow, you will make it. :smiley: :smiley:

Agree with CM above, apart from the expense two test failures is not embarassing as it only takes one error to fail. I also don’t think that it follows that passing your other tests first time would always guarantee a first pass on any subsequent tests. If you think your instructor/ examiner is not up to the job which it could be (more likely the former IMO) it may be worth changing even if its inconvinient.

As a driving instructor I can assure you that (to me anyway!) it is more important to get a student to pass the test than to have them for ‘extra training’ and the associated fees.

To me (and all the other instructors that I know) the pass percentage is very important as it is this that can be the difference between prospective students choosing me to teach them or the next training school. Ultimately, a failed student and the extra lessons ‘income’ is false economy.

I can’t of course, speak about your instructor/driving school as we are all individuals, but the above is certainly the case here.

All the examiners I know are decent people however the recent ‘scandal’ about quotas etc is slightly worrying! :unamused:

Don’t beat yourself up over this situation; a calm approach to test day is required and don’t let any nerves or thoughts of the other tests creep in.

Good luck.

Just out of interest when I took my car test my instructor didn’t use the local test centre as he felt the examiners were below par. I know there are a lot less LGV test centres and I suppose there are differences between the types of tests but the principle is the same.

when i done my class1 way back in 94 at leconsfield we had a examiner who would smile when he told you that you had failed.he was a little ■■■■ as well.there was a full screw ( copral) who was on his 2nd test as he had already failed the 1st and if he failed the 2nd one he would be returned to unit.well he did fail and the little ■■■■ did smile,so the full screw got out of his seat went round to passenger’s side opened the door for him closed it shook his examiner’s hand and then smacked him in the mouth for smiling at him when he had told him that he had failed.there was about 10 of us there when it happened and we all just stood there laughing,even the other examiners as they knew what he was like and mines even said that it would happen soon.the said examiner picked himself up and walked over to us and said that he would be calling everyone of us as witnesses to the incident,and we just looked at him and laughed and said what incident never seen a thing mate.he was well fed up when the other instructor’s said the same as us and one even told him that it was well overdue and that you deserved every thing you got and it’s a pity that it was only one punch you got. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: the moral is don’t ■■■■ someone off when he/she has just failed their test. :wink:

The examiner who did my test was a really decent guy, he showed me a clean sheet & then said, but I never see anyone as being perfect so I’m sorry but I did notice, (what ever it was) & I got one minor.
I had & still have no problem with that.
After the test he stopped just as he was about to get out of the cab leant across, shook my hand & wished me good luck.

Good luck next time Tallow.

Good luck next time Tallow, I got mine on my third go :wink:.

I have to agree about the attitude of some of the examiners. Took me three attempts at my class one, although I didn’t disagree with most of the judgements one in particular really wound me up. I believed it was intentional but there is no way I could prove it. My instructor complained about his attitude when we got back to the training school. They complained to the test center but it didn’t make any diference.

as much as i feel for someone who has failed the test and had to spend what to me is a crazy amount of money to get to the point where they’ve fail two tests, in reality the test standard is really very low, you drive empty, you do a reverse manauver which is set out to exact dimensions so it can be duplicated in any yard and your allowed upto fifteen minors and still pass! it’s a natural reaction to look to blame someone else,“the instructor were crap,the examiner had it in for me” etc. i know this may come accross as a bit arrogant but i don’t mean to be, when i did mine my driving on the day was crap, i passed with six minors and the examiner said overal it was a good drive :open_mouth:
if someone actually believes they’ve been wronged and should’ve passed then they can appeal against the examiner, but more to the point you are entitled to a full explanation from the examiner as to why he has failed you even if it takes twenty minutes not something you may be thinking about because of the dissapointment of being told you’ve failled, you just want to get out of the cab and home but if your going back to the same center for another test it’s something well worth doing.

Good luck next time Tallow :smiley:

I passed my PCV on first attempt but took 3 attempts at passing class 2. The pressure is more on you to pass HGV if your paying for it yourself. I was charged £250 for each re test by my driving school in London, i’m hoping that it will be cheaper here now that i’m in Manchester.

For my class 1 i mean :wink:

Bear in mind that although you can appeal if you think your test was not carried out correctly they cannot alter the result, a fail will still be a fail. If your appeal were to be successful you would get a test refund.

I think the problem is not the examiners, but the instructors!

All the training schools are interested in is getting bums on seats, they dont care if you fail, they get another bite of the cherry.

There are a lot of poor schools out there!

In 1976 when I decided to upgrade my class 3 to a class 1, this bloke had an absolutely knackered TK with a 25’ flat. I did one lesson with him to realise he was a ■■■■■■.

Go to a proper training school

Thanks for all the support and reducing the pain. Greatly appreciated.

I don’t understand why there’s only one resident examiner apart from extras brought in from Croydon when they’re pushed for time slots or if ill. I would have thought the DSA moved them around for their benefit as well as ours. Doing 1 of 3 routes 4 times a day every week in the same area must be soul destroying…

I accept my failings but I feel that on the second attempt I would have cracked it if I didn’t have this same examiner. He knew I was uncomfortable from the start and did nothing to settle me or put me at ease. That in my humble opinion is unprofessional conduct and could have been dangerous (especially for other road users) if I’d lost my nerve or concentration…

But unfortunately as some of you rightly say there’s not a lot I can do other than write to the DSA who for the most part won’t really do much about it.

I agree also that my instructor didn’t prepare me enough for the regimen, so yeah I think I’ll try someone else when I’ve saved some more cash, who’s actually got an artic - this lot use a 10 ton flat bed Iveco with a trailer, not much cop for class 1 experience…

Tallow - If you feel your instructor has not prepared you well enough then perhaps change but bear in mind you may have to learn a different vehicle ie drawbar compared to artic which may complicate things further. I agree that the examiner should be professional but they will be more reticent than the instructor so while this maybe off-putting it maybe unavoidable.

Well if its any consolation it took me 4 attempts for my Class1 passed Class2 1st time. Personally I thought my 1st attempt was better than all of them but the examiner didnt think so. Only my 4th and final attempt, I thought ■■■■ this I’m not going to ■■■■ around with these people anymore. I slowed it all down like I was taking Miss Daisy for a nice leisurely drive. I think thats what they want, take it slow and controlled. I may be wrong but it worked for me, but then all examiners are different I suppose.

good luck

I agree also that my instructor didn’t prepare me enough for the regimen, so yeah I think I’ll try someone else when I’ve saved some more cash, who’s actually got an artic - this lot use a 10 ton flat bed Iveco with a trailer, not much cop for class 1 experience…

that could’ve been the problem,although theres nothing in writting it seems generally excepted that if you take your test in a small wag n drag rather than a proper artic you’ve got to do it all perfect where as in a proper size rig you might get away with the odd mistake, might be something to think about.
good luck for the next’n


Did you have the same examiner?

Well if its any consolation it took me 4 attempts for my Class1 passed Class2 1st time. Personally I thought my 1st attempt was better than all of them but the examiner didnt think so.