European driving jobs.

I am after a job driving to europe and live in Accrington,I have my name down at Ian parkinson in Preston who is the only one who does europe in our area.I was reading that the Irish still do a lot of continental and struggle to get drivers.There seem to be alot of irish hauliers who base trucks in England but have no idea where to begin to get a job.Anyone help who knows of any irish hauliers looking for English based drivers.Please leave a message or ring me on 07717 286963 Thanks/

Scaniamad, theres loads of Irish firms advertising on the jobcentre website,, theyre in the international or european vacancies section. Kindle.

i have been on the jobcentre website and none of them say they will base you in England and alot of them are agencies.Someone out there must be able to shed some light on it. :question:

I think our member Scania King Kev might be your man on this one :slight_smile:

Scaniamad,most of the irish don’t mind where ya live as long as you’ll work,it’s just a case of sorting it out with them before you start,i know maguires and virginia are looking it all comes down to how long ya waana be away

Does anyone know where either Virginia or Maguires are based so i can find there number or there website.

here you go,good luck

give this chap a ring its a bit closer to home

Colin Lawson
Unit 2b, Huyton Rd Adlington
Chorley Lancashire

Tel: 01257 475551

hi scaniam. kenny here.
I work for an irish haulier called Mooney International. We only do the continent and i go out every week. Not sure if they would take someone based in uk, but give them a try if yiu like: 0035350921388.


that link doesn’t work■■?

now it does lolol

ok heres a question.
anybody know of an english company that will take on a driver based in france?
trying to get around fimo regs :cry:

Hi Chris,

EM Rogers used to have French based drivers, as does Denby. Have you spoken with Norbert?


yes i spoke to denbys and nothing happened, havent spoken to any others.
any chance of some contact numbers?
cheers chris

Hi again caveman,you could try ND,s web site,there links to there job sites,there is not much for them down here,but up north I belive they have a few depots,could be worth a try.

cheers froggy
in have heard there is quite a waiting list for nobbies and it tis same old fimo problem :unamused:
if i work for a french firm tnt have a big depot not far from me running loads of new motors stralis, volvo fh, merc actros and premiums doing nice work, italy, spain, portugal and a bit back to blighty so the way things are loooking will have to sort this pesky fimo problem out :angry: :angry:
cheers again

yes i spoke to denbys and nothing happened,


Snap. Not polite people are they?

Salut, David.

Nobby’s in Brugge has a lot of English based drivers…both silo’s and freighters!!!
I used to work on the silo’s for them, not a bad little job.

Does anyone know where either Virginia or Maguires are based so i can find there number or there website.

can someone tell me what fimo regs are


FIMO as I understand it, is the junior version of FCOS. The latter is required by all HGV drivers based in France and is a five yearly 3 day refresher course on road regs, hours regs, safety, driving and deciding which is the best restaurant to spend the middle 2 hours of the day in!

FIMO I think is similar but probably more basic (if that’s possible) for drivers who have less than a minimum number of years in the job. Bit vague on that because I didn’t need it. Craig 111 or Chris Caveman will know more.

Salut, David. (Test? That’s a river in Hampshire isn’t it? Or is it some sort of game the English aren’t much good at?)