Driving Standards. Pet Hate

What’s you pet hate about other road users. The one that really makes your ■■■■ itch.

For me it’s people coming off a dual carriageway and cutting in, there by causing a bloody great tail back all for the sake of 6 foot of road.

Next on the list would be the elderly, dead bodies driving their Micras and the like 5 mph below the speed limit and having no clue about what’s happening round them.

Christ thats rich coming from a tipper driver :laughing: :laughing:

Tipper drivers :wink:

Oi!!! I resemble that!! :smiley:

The most frustrating thing I find is people joining at 40 on an empty slip pulling out right in front seemingly without looking, 9 times out of 10 they have looked, but not bothered to adjust pace. It’s obvious it’s about to happen, but why should I have to back down to 40 just because they can’t drive properly, at this point there’s now a stream of other lorries overtaking me and I have to wait until they’ve all buggered off until I can speed up properly again, meanwhile, offending car is long gone. It’s different if it’s a short slip without much chance of a run-up, but if they’ve have plenty of time to get their act together it just gets my goat.

Not indicating to turn left on busy roundabouts. :imp:

As mentioned by DJC people not getting up to speed on slip roads! My other BIG pet hate is people who don’t hold the correct lane going around a roundabout! ■■■■■■ my right off that does!!

Driving through motorway roadworks 50mph zone and folk slowing down to 40 for the camera.I mean,whats all that about.

People who are joining the motorway and your in the first lane with someone In the second and third at the side of you, you can see they’ve got the momentum to slip infront of you in a safe distance but instead they slam on before they come on the motorway and wait for you to pass , really ■■■■■■ me off that one

People that pull out to overtake then get half way past and start indicating to get back whilst nearly taking out your front end. If it frightens them being out there don’t overtake!

dive bombers.

really funny how they dont realise itll be really unpleasant having to be cut from underneath my lorry.

Incorrect indicating/lane positioning on a round-a-bout.

People who don’t say thanks when you let them out of a junction or let them down a tight street. :imp: :imp:

Really boils my ■■■■■

Driving near any American thats in any vehicle. I really do miss the high standard of UK car drivers.

Hi tipper

After 6 years of driving hgv’s I am trying to get into my head to let it wash over me, although I find having a good nag about it really helps!

I went up to North Wales recently for a walking trip with a motorbike rider and another guy that does a lot of car driving for his job, and oh the pleasure of 4 hours of complaining about the lack of skills on the road these days! I’m not being sarcy by the way, I love to talk about this matter to whoever will listen.

My professional head says that other people will have different driving styles to you, and you should adapt, accept, and all rub along for the good of your blood pressure and being part of society. Most people are not being selfish or stupid, they just have no concept of special awareness, are deluded about their own driving skills, and frankly are not that interested in driving skills (they just want to get to work/visit granny etc) and are not bothered if they have to stop at every roundabout because that is what they have gotten used to.

…but then I was reminded this morning at how selfish and inconsiderate people are, when at 2.30am driving through Bridgwater at 25 mph behind Mr Chillinoutsmokingadoobie, he stops at a green light to let a couple of tarts tottering back from a nightclub cross the road so he can have a good gawp (they were still quite a way from the crossing). Nothing wrong with a good eyeful, but I need to get to work dude and don’t want to spend all day at the lights! In my mind, I have a mini gun attached to my roof…need to have a lie down now…

Car drivers & bikers do my nut in, ALL OF THEM…!(not forgetting Tesco drivers :slight_smile: )

Car drivers & bikers do my nut in, ALL OF THEM…!(not forgetting Tesco drivers :slight_smile: )

That’s specific…Ideal

Mines has to be as previously mentioned people not indicating on roundabouts and the golden oldies doing 45 - 50 mph on the motorway

Red Driving School vehicles.

I’ve got quite a few. I really hate it when people break their neck to get past you before the road works, and then once in them, ‘drive-miss-daisy’, people not driving up to the speed limit is another one, slowing down on the main carriageway before getting onto the slip road, thats just ignorance. But there you go, things certainly aren’t getting any better standards wise. How many public information adverts do you see on the telly these days?