Driving for EU registered company

Hello Guys,

Could somebody explain me the rules around working for a EU business alongside with a UK business?
Which EU countries willing to exchange our CPC to a EU accepted qualification?
Would a UK license and Tachocard be accepted along a EU approved CPC qualification?

I understand that some EU countries applies a cod 95 on the license, but some still issues a separate card like the UK to confirm the qualification, but not sure how to work this out.

Sorry, but that is all a bit confusing.

To find out what each country in the EU says regarding DCPC qualification you need to read each country’ s laws.

Not a clear question to me.
A forum isn’t a good place to rewrite all the tax/customs/employment/transport/licencing laws of all EU countries! :grinning:

Try rephrasing your query and maybe be more specific?

are you seriously trying to tell me that the eu introduced the cpc but each country doesn’t recognize or has differing criteria than other countries

I was hoping there is somebody here who did or doing the same, so do not need to do digging to be honest.

I doing agency work in the Uk, but whet it is quiet mostly from Mid January to end of March I would like to try some international work for a German or Dutch firm.

Only problem with the UK CPC if you work for a EU employer. If you work in the EU with an UK company our CPC is recognised.

Ah long gone the halcyon days when I took voluntary redundancy in England, packed up and moved permanently to France within the week, then a short time later met the Managing Director of the local haulage company walking towards me as I came out of the newsagents, hand outstretched to offer me a job. Took 10 minutes the next day to swap my UK Class One for a French one over the counter 15 kms away, and I was off down the road the following day with a Magnum. :joy:

Or I would have been if it wasn’t for La Grande Tempete (The Big Storm) of December '99 which swept in overnight and blocked all roads out of the village with fallen trees. Spent the next few days with another driver, 2 fitters and several chainsaws clearing the surrounding roads. :roll_eyes:

Are you telling us you have not realised the whole EU is not only corrupt but a whole hotch potch and cluster ■■■■?
One of the reasons we left, it is just a pity those in charge did not want us to leave, and have displayed it ever since with lack of enthusiasm and genuine action…and still feel that way, otherwise after all these years it would bear no relavance anymore and be a distant (bad) memory.

(That is my reel and line casted,.I’ll just sit at the edge of the tide with my stool and flask waiting for the inevitable bite.:japanese_goblin::joy:)

Yes, all true then…but now…

Glad you agree Frangers.:flushed:

I was 19 having parties ad ■■■■ girls all the time in 1999 :wink:

Of course…that is why you advised someone to go get a job with a Dutch company as you once did.

One day you will get the hang of the www…

Yep I did then and wrongly.
(Mainly because I aint a two bob armchair politician so I dont keep fully abreast of such stuff nor make it a life priority.)
But good point well made anyeay.

Wwww? Ok
But you know me Frangers (or dont)
Strictly a NEED to know basis on most stuff.

:rofl:Got to hand it to you @robroy, you do stick to your principles, but your comment does remind me about the proud mother watching her son marching with the army and declaring ‘oh look at our Johnny, the only one in step’ :joy:

So are you saying you have a UK licence and DCPC, but wish to work for
an EU company?
based in the EU?
driving an EU reg truck?

Translation: I’m “lazy as” I want to be spoon fed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EU recognises UK DCPC, that’s why we’re retaining the 35 hours option in the future

am i hell i was fishing to see if someone would bite but your bait must of been better

Yes that is the case

My bait never fails on here.
Those who usually bite are blisfully unaware of when they are being a victim of my mischievious ways.:joy: