Different trailer / chassis manufactures

Reading the ERF trailer thread I thought it would be of interest to start a trailer list ,here’s some that spring up first ,M&G ,AHP ,Crane frauhauf ,SDC ,I know there’s a lot more older and newer ,like slemish ect .

1970 commercial motor features ads from the following.
Brockhouse,West brom
Carrimore,Co Durham
Highway, Southampton
Roadtest coupled to a Parator, swedish?

Bridge Trailers Gildersome nr Leeds, They made loads for A.One Transport.

Scammell, Foden, BTC, York, Primrose.


How about these -

Boden of Oldham I think

Hi, Folks, We had peak ,Northen ,Bluline, Schammel ,plus all the other Popular ones ,A bit of usless info ,Cheers Barry

Hiya…Peak and York was good trailers with good brakes…i had a AHP what a useless thing when it come to slowing down yet alone stopping.
we had a few Crane fruehauf trailers at Harrisons they was good…back to trailer names Montracon…i think it was Montgomery outfit from ireland
Hoyanor mad the rear wheel tipper trailers don t know if they made flats.

Crane Freuhauf flats. Spent hours welding the cracks on the outriggers for MOT. The Bensley brothers and Aubrey taylor built Wyatts from Aec bogies with Norwich coachwork bodies and home-built fridges (“Thumpers”). Jim.

George Neville

Hiya…Highway…and Overlander…should have remembered Overlander it was my cb handle…Pitt they made the Tandem 4 trailers twin axles
and 100 x20 single wheels. i think you could get 19 ton on a Mastiff with the tandem 4 trailer because the trailer was light weight and run at 28
tons gross.

My first direct involvement with trailers was when I got my first artic in 1969 which was a 26ton gvw Mastiff which to realise it’s full potential had to have,prefferably,one of the then new single wheeled tandems.Pitt trailers seemed to be the the popular choice at the time but I didn’t reckon those centre knave wheels which they had to use on the narrow track axles they fitted which were the same used on twin wheeled tandems.There was also a problem with “over braking” as a result of just using the standard tandem axle running gear.However,I made enquiry’s at Primrose Engineering in Blackburn and they offered to build me a 32 foot trailer using wide track axles and Mastiff (Guy?) fron’t axle hub and brake assemblies which meant I could use a standard 1100x22:5 wheels which were exchangeable with those on the unit.The outfit gave us trouble free running while we ran it and the braking and tyre wear were spot on.Cheers Bewick.

FREIGHT BONALLACK and MURFITT should not fail over here

my father always had York trailers, with one exception- a Booth(anyone else heard of them?) 30ft single axle that gave excellent service and we had it for years .

my father always had York trailers, with one exception- a Booth(anyone else heard of them?) 30ft single axle that gave excellent service and we had it for years .

Aye Booth trailers IIRC They were made at Oldham, F.Short & Sons Newcastle ran quite a few of them, Regards Larry.


I’m sure I’ve put this on before but here is a list of makers from 1968, some well known some not so:
Arrow Blyth Northumberland. ECG Bermondsey. Morgan Bordon Hants. Weeks Hessle.
Bramber Devon. ERF Sandbach. Northern Lanarkshire. Welford Tipton.
Boden Oldham Lancs. Fox Speke Lancs. Peak Stockport Cheshire. Whitlock Essex.
Brockhouse West Bromwich. Fromant Bognor Regis. Pitt Barton Stacey. York Corby.
BTC Trafford Park. Hands Hertfordshire. Primrose Burnley Lancs.
Carrymore Stanley Durham. Halson Newhaven. Rice Leicester.
Carter Tamworth Staffs. Highway Southampton. RM Hampshire.
Charrold Huntingdon. Hoynor Essex. Scammell Watford.
Crane Fruehauf Dereham. Hudson Morley Leeds. Seaway Greenock.
Dayson Stourport. HWP Doncaster. Taskers Andover.
Dixon-Bate Chester. King Leicester. Thompson-Trailmobile Gloucester.
Duramin Gloucester. LOLODE Bedford. Tollbridge Hants.
Dyson Liverpool. M&G Worcester. Walker Stockton on Tees.
Ibbett Bedford. Merriworth Dartford. Warrington Wheel Warrington.

As you see quite a comprehensive list from the 60’s, I also left out some makers that only made car trailers etc, some of these may not have lasted long while others had a longer life, no doubt one or two will be remembered. Franky.

This list didn’t transfere as I’d written it so I hope you can make out the names and places!

This is a '76 depot shot of an odd trailer we had on the fleet for a time,an 1974 Overlander40 footer which I bought secondhand in '75 when new trailers were in short supply.In later years when we supplied traction to Ross Youngs all their trailers were Lamberet fridge boxes on Overlander chassis.

Was it ‘Walker’ trailers from the North East?

Remember Bill Keith saying that the owner had flown over in his plane to Flookburgh airfield, flown Bill over to the factory for a look round, then flown him home.

Pretty good PR!