Baby due

Baby due 2/2/17 wife.s giving me grief about nights out away tomorrow not back till friday,trying to stay local next week but that did,nt work last time i was lucky got home thursday night born friday ,what do you think

Any decent gaffer would make sure he kept you handy in case anything happened.
Maybe some people are different and wouldn’t bother about being there at the birth, but I would. So I’d be telling my gaffer to keep me local rather than asking. Like I say, if he’s decent enough, you shouldn’t need to tell him. I’ve been lucky where both my daughters waited till the weekend before they made their grand entrances. [emoji1]

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What do I think…
Well 9 months ago you had coitus (great isn’t it, well the last bit anyway).

Your boss should keep you local for a bit babies can be unpredictable and your wife needs a hand to crush for the final big push.

Oh and of course a massive congratulations.

I think you should monitor the situation , be there to support her needs and remain calm.
Secondly : When she’s tipped ; give us a call and we`ll arrange a back load for you :wink:
Congratulations :grimacing: Enjoy

When my Mrs fell pregnant with our second child, I started looking for a job that didn’t include 4am starts, 15 hour days, nights away and handball.
No way could I cope with sleepless nights doing all that, I managed to find another job that avoided all the above with 8 weeks to spare. I wasn’t entitled to paternity leave so my boss gave me a weeks’ holiday I wasn’t entitled to.

I think maybe you’re on the wrong forum,try mums net.

You could always try mumsnet

You could always try mumsnet

Yes there’s always someone to put you right,thank you.Is that better?

Get an agency driver in, your mrs won’t know the difference while crushing him

I wouldn’t be working away anywhere near the birth of my child. Boss would be asked nicely and then I wouldn’t even entertain telling him, if he’d said no I’d just go and sign up to agencies or whatever, either way get something lined up whether it be driving or stacking shelves and then come back and see him with my notice. That might then change his mind.

Get an agency driver in, your mrs won’t know the difference while crushing him

Could be onto something here.
Sure there’s a need for Agency Fathers who can stand in at short notice if the regular driver can’t make it back for that special drop.

One things for sure at least they can’t leave your ride in a worse mess than they found it.

One things for sure at least they can’t leave your ride in a worse mess than they found it.

Might only be the 23rd of January but I think this will take some beating as post of the year

Sign up to Skype. All the fun non of the pain.

You do perhaps have to take into consideration how practicable it is for your boss to keep you close to the yard, after all it wasn’t him enjoying a night of bouncy bouncy last spring was it? Babies are unpredictable little blessings - they make their appearance when they fell like it not when it’s convenient, your wife could quite easily be late so this could stretch to mid February. If the fleet is large enough you may be able to spend the next couple of weeks shunting - loading and unloading trailers at local customers. You might be able to go into the traffic office for a while, or just become the yard dogsbody collecting parts for the workshop and emptying the bins. Being on ‘locals’ isn’t going to be much help to you if you are 150 miles away sitting in an RDC when the call comes, you are going to have to be nearer than that.

This is all going to depend on how good a relationship you have with the boss and how co-operative you have been in the past to last minute changes of plan. Remember too if you are lucky enough to be accommodated that you are going to have make sure you aren’t a pain to employ going forward, because you have workmates who will be in the same situation later.

Typical transport planning, he’s had 8 months+ to plan for this and he’s leaving it till the last minute to book it in, will he get turned away if the baby is a week overdue, or 30mins late?

ask for local and really push your boss for it… I asked for ot last year,didn’t get it. wish I had. my wife collapsed due to complications and I was oxford 90 miiles away. I got back in time for the birth but by then it was too late and baby was stillborn. I still blame myself for it.

family is more than a job. end of

Your gaffer should do his upmost to keep you near home. Saying that, babies are a bit unpredictable!

Seriously, 36 years ago this March I took the decision not to be there for my firstborn, due to work commitments and for fear of my job. I was only 19 at the time and did as i was told.
Anyway, my firstborn is a stunning young woman and to this day it pi $$es me off that I wasn’t there at her birth.

Oh, and when baby does arrive will youlet is

Will you let us know what your wife has.

Sorry for the dropped post!

Will you let us know what your wife has.

Sorry for the dropped post!

I’d have a wild guess at a baby :laughing:

I’ve got three kids, one of each … lol