B&d walter trucking

Have any forum members worked for this company , and if so how do they pay drivers mileage or gross of the load , they seem to have good Equipment what’s roping and sheeting like is it something you pick up quickly ! Not sure if all loads need to be sheeted as they move a fair bit of machinery
Now all I need is an LMO or lmia as I’m Already in canada just want to change company

Hi Chef, can’t help you myself but Taffytrucker on here works for them.
Failing that and if needs must, then TransX have LMIA’s available but only to drivers like yourself, are here already.
They are the first company I have seen advertising LMIA’s since the change from LMO’s.

You get paid $0.44 per mile $25 to load and the same to unload. If you come onto equipment then you will be expected to run your full hours pretty much most days and don’t expect to be home every weekend all weekend. Some trips are 2 weeks long depends on the work load. Mostly run Pete 388 and international eagles fuller box. It’s a marmite company you will either love or hate it

Keep well away from them. They treat good staff like crap and run u ragged. I left there last September after being lied to and treated like a fool. They go thru drivers like water thru a sieve. Do yourself a favour and don’t listen to anyone bigging them up. Send CRT a pm, he is sorting out having to move his family back to the UK because of how he has been treated by them.

Ok i see sorry to hear it didn’t work out for crt I’m single so I have only myself to keep I doubt there any worse than the company I work for from the canadian drivers who pull flat deck or oversized loads , i have spoken to in the south they seldom sit around days at a time waiting for loads .

Thanks Nelig but I would rather get away from fridge work as there is to much sitting Around I’m not sure trans x do flat deck I did hear a while back that bison have started to do flat deck but they don’t have any Availible lmo positions .

I have friends who work there who are single and they have had enough too, nothing to do with money its how you are treated!

I think that’s the way it is with the vast majority of companies who have to import drivers from outside of Canada , you really have no choice to move on to better jobs until you get residency .

I understand you not wanting to do this and that but the way things are at the minute, with the lack of LMIA`s, lack of choice of work, I would be taking whatever I could till residency, then you can work for who you want.

hi m8 trans x do flat deck work its same company but called deck x gd luck

Thanks I shall give them a call I’m due back to calgary next week been out of Canada for a break

Deck X are based in Winnipeg and are looking to be mainly owner ops. The man to speak to is Andy Trybell. He’s a decent guy but he won’t touch anyone waiting to come to Canada and is pretty picky.

chef sauce:
I think that’s the way it is with the vast majority of companies who have to import drivers from outside of Canada , you really have no choice to move on to better jobs until you get residency .

They have you over a barrel, if you complain you get thrown out of the country, it’s a form of blackmail.

You know I’ve sat on this for a while with regards to a few comments made.

Do they run ya hard? Yea sure they do but what company don’t if you let them. It’s YOUR logbook not theirs.

They will treat you how you treat them. Speak to them if ya have a problem be polite and they will do the same to you and try to sort it out.

Yes the new LMIA rules changed things there IE tease of the size of the company only allowed to sponsor 12 drivers a year so if ya get tickets or warnings from DOT/CVSE or ■■■■■ and moan about everything or don’t do the job to the standard they want it will go down against you.

CRTs problems started long before it went downhill for him.

Sure I’ve had my run ins with the office but always manage to sort it out and carry on n get the job done. They are not everyone’s cup of tea but again same could be said about every company.

Yet another friend of mine has had to leave Canada because of the gross miss managment of this company. The woman who runs it couldn’t run a bath properly!
Peoples lives are being badly affected by the actions of B&D Walter Trucking, and anyone who comes on here defending them is either doing it because they are kissing ■■■, being told too or actually think it may give them some brownie points with Tara Walter.
I left H&R to join B&D Walter and really wish I hadn’t now.
My honest advice to anyone is steer clear of them.

Hey Taffytrucker you sure talk a crap story.why dont you tell the truth.About how many speeding tickets you have.And how many times you have been suspended because your a idiot.i would not trust you with a wheelchair.Just tell people the truth how bad Bd Walters isonly reason your still there is your wife works in the office and saves your ■■■.Also when you going back to wales so i can wave at you when you get on the plane.People like you give good truckers a bad name H@R Fired your ■■■ because your a moron.I just feel sorry fore the drivers that listen to your crap.i have been here 11 years and you have been here away to long so do us all a favour and go home and tell your buddies about your trucking tails just a moron

■■■■ me, Clint, stop beating around the bush, say what you mean.
Well, I’m sitting down with my box of popcorn open.

Im just saying what is the truth a lot of people get led up the garden path by Mr Evans could go on for hour about this guy.Just feel he should tell the truth about the way the drivers get treated at BD Walters.Mr evans likes to spin the crap but i can see right through first day i met him.This is a guy that was at H@R 5mins says i can mentor new drivers when he does not even know what he is doing himself.i remember one driver he was teaching blew a scale because he was sleeping its all about him so he could make more money.so sad really he wont talk to me anymore because i understand his stupidity and just need other people to take what he says with a pinch of salt. No popcorn for me im busy trucking im not a monday to friday trucker

Guess you pair don’t go for a pint on a Friday night…

Awwww bless poor little Clint. What’s up you getting bored of trying to track me down on other social media so thought you would find me here?

Speeding ticket I got one yea sure but I suggest you go away and get ya facts right before shooting your mouth off about something you don’t know jack ■■■■■ about. Plus to the fact I never met you at H&R. I never boasted I could do mentor trips after being there 5 mins I was asked by ya boyfriend if I would take a guy out so I said yea sure I’ll give it a go.

The guy who blew the scale wasn’t even in my truck when it happened. He was on the way upto Edmonton with another driver when it happened to pick up his truck. I wasn’t even in work that night you ■■■. I know the driver you mean though because it was the only driver I kicked out the seat and told Fodder I wouldn’t let him loose solo s he found someone else t sign off on him.

So I tell ya want Clint when you actually grow a set of balls instead of being a keyboard warrior come n find me but there again I’m not the only ex pat you think ya better then am I? Ya nothing but a company driver that pays the bills living in a tin box for weeks on end while I get my miles and get home at weekends.