And in Response. (good trucks)

To respond to the bad truck thread. I have made this one :smiley:

Obviously all the new fangled modern tackle you drive now will be the best!
But there have been some very good lorries built over the last 30 years.

My favourite is still the 2800 3300 3600 DAF. I drove 4 and bought 2 of these.

Another truck that was so far advanced that it failed was the Ford Transcontinental, although the electrics were a joke :slight_smile:

And I even liked my old Bedford KM apart from dipping the oil

Oh yeah, I forgot about my old 2800DKSE. Great motor to live in. Very intimidating looks and would go off the clock if you asked it to!

At 60 it was doing something like 1300rpm. Very relaxed drive.

Time to put me hard hat on and start to avoid the flack, but I actually liked the FL10 360 I had from new. It was a superb truck for the job I was on at the time. It was a breeze to drive around London doing 6 supermarket drops a day. And the bunk was comfortable enough for the odd night out. Everthing was close to hand, you didn’t have to reach for anything and the visibility was excellent. Only down side was having to tilt the cab to top up the water, what a pain that was.

Now I’m going to dive for cover… :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

My scania 93 easiest truck ive driven in a long while

And the most fun truck to drive was an old bedford j type sewage truck when i was in cyprus :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


the rental i am driving at the moment a 1998 daf cf 75 26t 6 leg rigid nice and roomy being 6ft 4 and its got the power that most of the other s i have driven lack

I had a Daf 3300 and that was an excellent truck in its day.

Favourite though has to be the Volvo F16- we still run one of these, and its a pleasure to drive.


i had a p-reg fh 380 globetrotter…after double-manning in a flat cab 113 scania it was heaven :laughing: :laughing: .
never missed a beat all over europe. two huge lockers which would fit plenty of “swag” in too :wink:

I’ve not driven much apart from ■■■■■ rigids really.

If it’s gonna be an oldish shed I’d prefer the Volvo FL range over anything.

Nicest for comfort has to have been a newish 03 reg Daf CF65 4 wheeler.

I Like Volvo’s F10 was great but like the FH12 460 best, would kill to have a new FH16.

An old heap of a Scammel, it was a total pig, yet pure enjoyment to drive.
I like older trucks that need driving.

daf 1900 rigid cuz it was the first truck i drove after passing my test also i really liked my FL10 360 it was 6months old when i got it and it was the first artic i drove people knocked em but if they were used what they were designed for ie day work with the odd night out ya couldnt beat em :laughing:

The FLs are a great design I think. Loads of adjustment on the seat and steering column, plenty of room, good visability, nice to drive in general. If that’s a bad Volvo truck I’d love to try a decent one!!!

No favourites really from lonnnnnnnng ago; more recent times my fave was a Scania 143M 450 Topliner that I had for a while, closely followed by an FH12 460.

Not too keen on these modern motors with all their electricy bits. Like Daxi, I like trucks that need to be driven :laughing: and none of these modern day ones have any grunt to them.

My favourite was a Scania 143 500 Hi-line Streamliner. What a beast of an engine, it pulled like a train and was comfy and roomy for 1.

My wife came with me for a week once. It let her see why I fell asleep in my chair just after my dinner and a beer, when I got home on a Saturday lunchtime :smiley: .

My favorite truck was the MAN 22.362 true twin steer :smiley: , not mid lift scrubber axle :cry: . It was fitted with an eaton twin splitter and went like a train, pre speed limiters,sorry my fault :blush: The cab was a double bunk, this was before the roadhouse was made, top for sleeping on bottom one for me’ gear, excellent. :smiley:

No contest - F89. Not the roomiest of cabs or widest of bunks (although mine had the passenger seat removed and what a difference that made) but a joy to drive, beautifully light on the steering, a dream of a gearbox (despite being synchro) with that great long switch on the centre console to flick the split.

Loved my last truck, the much maligned Magnum 430, but if you want a delve into the past how about the Mk1 Atki with that reassuring solid crash bar or a Foden with a 12 speed gearbox - a gear for every situation, not just a progression from low to high.

Salut, David.

Scania 111/141

To my tiny mind, it is the truck that broke the mould in UK haulage, the first decently powered truck, properly equiped for drivers to have a night out in.
Closely followed by the F88/89.

UK manufactured trucks the C series ERF with the overlander cab complete with cool box and under bunk sink was a revelation :open_mouth: epsecially when powered by the 290 ■■■■■■■

ditto wheel nut my old daf 3300 never let me down loverly motor until i killed it on the a12 :blush:

For sentimental reasons,the Isuzu JCR500 rigid-you couldn’t break them(early 80’s model).
Best semi was the Western Star cabover which was a re-badged ERF that had ■■■■■■■ and 18 speed R/R running gear.Sleeper was a bit small but other than that it felt “Right”.
Problems with costs and availibilty killed off the ERF Down Under,as well as in New Zealand.
N series Volvo a close 2nd.

Oh my gawd it;s turned into nostalgia central :slight_smile:

Scania 111/141. Between them and the F88/89/F10 the trucking game was change forever almost overnight

The MAN 362/twin spltter combo was a joy to drive as long as you weren’t paying the fuel bill yourself. Do I remember correctly, there was about 15turns lock to lock? :slight_smile:

ERF’s CP series with ■■■■■■■ LTA 10-290 and the Fuller Roadranger was one of the biggest surprises I had. Once you learned that all the grunt was right at the bottom of the green band (IIRC about 11-1200rpm) they were very competent. A lot of drivers I worked with hated them because (a) they were floggin the engine at the top end and never found the torque and (b) they couldn’t get to grips with a constant mesh box. Poofs! You could genuinely drive them clutch free, even from a standstill because the crawler gear was so low geared and there was so much slack in the drivetrain you could just flop it in crawler and away you went up the box. :slight_smile: Ha!

One motor I had a soft spot for was an old B series I got as a new boy at a steel firm. Because the old boys didn’t want that sort of work I got all the overlength work. Roadranger box and the Rolls Royce Eagle. It was so manoeuvreable you could get 27metres anywhere they wanted.